Preparing and organizing

Hello everyone,

 It’s amazing to think that time is quickly ticking and I’ll soon be on a jetplane to NY.

18 days and counting.

I’m busy organizing and researching mundane info like money, vaccinations and reading all the scary diseases that are waiting to jump on me the moment I arrive in Africa. The good ole’ health websites.


4 thoughts on “Preparing and organizing

  1. Hi Lauren,

    You are going to have such an intense, awesome time! I’m deeply envious, (and am schemeing for my own next adventure).

    Look me up if you’re ever Down Under.


  2. Hi Lauren,
    Oh my dear…your adventure will be amazing because i know that you have worked so hard for it (i’ve seen how hard you have worked) and i respect you so much. You are going to have an amazing time becuase you are an adventuress and you look at the world as an opportunity. Hopefully i will see you again someday so that we can fill each other in on our adventures.

  3. Hi Lauren

    I have added this blog to my favourites and will certainly follow your stories. You must be so excited. As I told you in my e-mail, Paris isn’t that far from where I live, so if you want to see a little part of Belgium, let me know. There’s a free bed at my place for you to crash on.

    Good luck with your travels and I hope to meet you soon!


  4. Hey Lauren
    I’m honored to be your first real comment on your blog! I am so glad you are doing this. I definately can say I know how it is to do your dream, at the same time so hard and so easy. Sit back and enjoy, be proud of yourself, this is something nobody can take away from you. Enjoy life! We get so many opportunities, it is amazing to take life in own hands and make your own piece of art. We are the architects and builders of our life (we just don’t always choose the building blocks we get).
    I love you!

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