Test Yourself


1. How many countries are in Africa?

2. Name the capital of Tanzania

3. What is the name of the man who spent 29 years in prison, for fighting against apartheid, and then became the first president of the new republic of South Africa in 1994?

4. Which country has the highest rate of HIV?

5. Which country has seen a decrease in HIV transmission? Why?

6. Where is Mt. Kilamanjaro located?


1. 53


3. Nelson Mandela

4. South Africa.  Shocking? Maybe. Apartheid and the lack of acknowledgement by the government to accept that HIV/AIDS was an expanding problem has led to a huge influx of transmissions. President Thebo Mbeki is finally admitting it is an issue that must be addressed and is now working with Nelson Mandela and aid organizations to curb the epidemic. Western standards, ie: condoms,  have also been detrimental in reducing transmission as African culture and understanding have not been incorporated into solutions.

5. Uganda. The president, Yoweri Musevini, has acknowledged that HIV and AIDS is a problem that must be addressed and has made it a government effort to help curb the epidemic

6. Tanzania


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