The Countdown begins…

Greetings from CA!

My vagabonding journey is about to begin in exactly a week! I’m not quite sure where the time goes but it’s been flying. I still can’t believe that my incredible experience at Burning man was less than 3 weeks ago.

I’ve been overwhelmed in the last week or so by the process of getting prepared- required vaccinations, anti-malarial prescriptions, dr visits, money, gear and all the many loose ends that come with going on a journey without any time constraints or definite plan. I find that my sleeping pattern is completely thrown off, which certainly doesn’t help me.  I just need to remember: everything will work out… because it always does!

This week I was offered the opportunity to work and it’s been great fun. I missed my girl a lot and have been so thankful to have one more week with her before I depart. She’ll always be in my heart. She’s incredible, brave and has taught me so much. I love you, Syd!

My journey will start in NY, where I’ll spend 12 days exploring and spending time with my two great friends who just moved there!

Then off to Paris on my own to see what it’s all about for a week until I take a train or plane to London for a wedding. Oh, I can’t wait.  From London… that’s when the real adventure begins with a one-way ticket to Tanzania. Yes, that’s not a mistake. I have a one-way ticket to Tanzania. I have no idea how long I want to be gone, who I’ll meet, or what I’ll want to see, so I’m going without any time constraints. I’m gonna let the wind guide me!



One thought on “The Countdown begins…

  1. Woohoo, it is Monday, so in exactly 3 days and 2,5 hours you will be landing in JFK, I really cant wait!
    I’m looking forward to exploring NY with you in the weekends, and hope the days will be clear so we can maybe add some stargazingnights…. Till now the weather was amazingly good here. See you soon sis! Love, ML

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