Less than 24 hrs…

It’s 1:34 am and I’m still up somehow and I leave my house at 8:30am-not much sleep for me… But it’s not surprising.

Luckily, my bag has been packed and everything fits with room to spare, which  makes me question if I’ve forgotten anything. Oh well. Doesn’t matter anymore.

I’m so glad to be leaving… I’ve dealt with so much beauracracy in the last 3 weeks btwn dr’s, the pharmacy and my insurance co- I’m tired of dealing with it! Thank goodness for insurance… thanks dad! Being told variations of crucial info gets irritating fast. How can they all know different information… someone isn’t doing their job right. Makes me think of the documentary, Sicko. But it’s too late to go on a tirade about our health care system.

ciao for now…

2 thoughts on “Less than 24 hrs…

  1. Godspeed, Lauren! I wish you a lot of unforgettable experiences, exciting encounters and above all the best of luck!

    Be safe


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