I arrived safe and sound late last night. Thank goodness for a direct flight but with delays included. US airline travel industry seems to be on the brink… of potential downfall. One day the top CEO’s are going to wonder where our airline industry went… or why Europe or Britain is moving in to our territory. It won’t surprise me and I’ll welcome them. kiosks that aren’t efficient, lack of humans working the counters and overworked, at that. A shame.

I’m taking it easy in Manhasset, Long Island where I’m staying and will be hitting the Big Apple tonight with friends and will see my friend Guri for dinner. How cool. He’s from the Bay Area and we’re both in NY at the same time. Time for an evening, night and early morning of fun filled adventure. I’m in NY… got to leave my footprint!

The journey begins….

One thought on “NEW YORK, NEW YORK

  1. Go you!!!

    I’m so excited for you, and to follow along with your adventures in Africa. I hope they change your life as much as my time in South America changed mine!

    Make sure you have some real New York pizza while you’re in the city. The stuff here on the West Coast just doesn’t compare.

    Also make sure you stay safe, as I expect a visit with you and your photo albums in Portland when your adventures are over. I’m speaking more about staying safe in New York, London, and Paris than in Africa! Those are some sketchy cities!


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