I’m staying in Manhattan now-couchsurfing- and enjoying the moments. I feel like I’m living here rather than traveling through and it makes the experience so much more. I haven’t stayed in one place more than 2 nights so I’m feeling the vagabonding vibe, though I’m so thankful I can leave most of my stuff at my best friend’s place.  My shoulders are sore from toting a backpack all day with my basics and my never intentional travel exercise plan has officially started. I’m walking everywhere.. my poor body feels abused with all the walking I’ve been doing. My shins ache- good ole’ shin splints, that’s how I know I’m in a big city!

 Tonight I went to the Gramercy, a small concert venue with Brian- the guy hosting me-  to see Two Gallants, 2 guys from San Francisco(go figure) playing acoustic guitar and drums. Fun. I had planned on going to the top of the empire state but why pass up an opportunity to go to a show I wouldn’t have known of on my own. Follow the wind. I strolled Central Park today with a friend I met at Burning Man and have been having great converstations. It’s not really about seeing all the sites but rather the interactions with strangers and friends.

I took a west african dance class at Alvin Ailey studios yesterday and loved it. Alvin Ailey is one of my favorite modern dance companies and always strive to see them at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, CA so you can imagine how happy I was to take a class there! Thank you Marie-Line for the Birthday gift and finding out about their classes!  Intense but I felt so alive. Hearing the music made me feel good in my soul and I had a moment of pure joy thinking I’m on the proper path. No questions, no regrets, no wondering if I’m doing the right thing. I know I am. It’s such a great feeling. Following feelings, impulses, or intution is not always easy but it feels so freeing when I do. 

Sending lots of love to everyone…

2 more days before I’m a year older…and it doesn’t even feel like it’s birthday time! . woo-hoo!

4 thoughts on “Living

  1. Lauren!

    This is a beautiful site! Wow, I’m really impressed.. Anyway, glad to hear that the first days of your journey have exceeded expectations. This is just the beginning, I know there is plenty more excitement in store. Just don’t forget to share all the details! And I mean EVERYTHING 🙂 You are the ultimate travel inspiration, and definitely have played a role in shaping my views on seeking out non-conventional ways to live and experience. We’ve both come a long way since London!! Good luck with everything, and oh, happy early birthday! I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

    Nicole xxoxoxo

  2. Hey Lauren

    Great to read that you are having a good time. I’m so jealous 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures of your adventures *hinthint*. Give Marie-Line a big hug from me, will you? It’s been way too long since I saw her 😦

    Happy travels!


  3. How wonderful to have confirmation that you are on the right path so soon into your journey. You are such an inspiration to me and to everyone you meet. I am so happy to see you enjoying and experiencing life so fully.


  4. you’re a day older every day… a day wiser, a day richer, a day of adventure! So many days of our lifes are just average days, days we will never remember. What you do now will make almost every day unique, makes you really using your time alive. It is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time. I’m so glad you’re on your path, and not on society’s.
    Looking forward to seeing you again, I miss your company. Glad you did the class, I was wondering about that!
    Take care, hug from half an hour away xxx

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