Moulin Rouge

I just returned from the show Ferie at the Moulin Rouge. It was a spectacular show- plenty of feathers, sequins, beads, beautiful woman prancing around in next to nothing, a bit of dancing and lots of singing.

I enjoyed it. I didn’t have any expectations and since I’ve never seen a cabaret show before this would be a perfect first time introduction. They seemed to have a variation of themes incorporated throughout the show when it wasn’t just glitz and feathers- pirates, clowns, medusa, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Entertaining! They had a gymnast section near the beginning of the show that was by far my favorite. A  man and woman. The woman balancing upside down on the man’s head, while the man moved from standing to sitting to standing again. absolutely incredible! I can’t even imagine how she has the talent and ability to balance, let alone her head on his head.

Rugby 2007: The rugby championships have been going on since I”ve been in town. It’s low tourist season now but Paris is filled with people and too many from England (English  men don’t have the best manners or behavior, it’s a shame to witness sometimes and I find myself laughing because I’m so surprised). England vs. France last night and sadly, France lost.  Tonight: South africa vs. Argentina, I don’t know the score but you can guess who I’m rooting for….     South africa, of course!  Turns out my Eurostar ticket to London was a lot more expensive because a lot of Londoners are returning next Thursday after all the games. boo-hoo… oh well.

Can you believe it only 3 more days in Paris? Tthen off to good ole’ London. Geez…

Africa is softly singing. I’ll feel more comfortable once I book my hostel or hotel. I’ll do that soon. I’m hoping to hear from other travelers about a few hostels I’ve heard of but am unable to contact due to a lack of info online or in the guidebooks.

Updates: My camera that broke en route to statue of liberty was replaced by the wonderful company i bought it from- 6th avenue. It turned out I happend to speak the manager and he said he’d swap it free of charge, minus shipping. They were only 10 minute drive from my friends place in lond island. LUCK was on my side.

My leg that I twisted a week and half ago is a lot better but I find when I’m on my feet for 12 hrs at a time it aches or if I get cold, it can feel bothered all over again. Hopefully, it will heal a 100% and I won’t have any issues with it a month from now. The importance of stretching enough before any dance class!

4 thoughts on “Moulin Rouge

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re liking Paris. It’s a gorgeous city. In one month it’s my turn to go there 🙂

    I am really enjoying reading this blog. Keep it up and have fun!


  2. Hey sweetie!!

    Yay, I finally got internet so now we can talk…. I am so excited for you, it sounds like you are having such an amazing time!! That is so cool about seeing a show at the Moulin Rouge, it must have been awesome. I’m happy that you are feeling a lot better, and that the people there are being nice, because you so often here of rude Parisians… glade to know it’s not really true. Have a great rest of the time there, have a safe trip to London and I will write back soon. Love ya babe!

  3. oh my gosh rugby is a FABULOUS sport. i am playing rugby here in college and it is amazing. hope France is awesome!!! good luck with your camera. no more breaking cameras!!!! and for goodness sake keep it away from water!!!

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