Greetings from the island of Zanzibar!

I arrived by ferry yesterday(wed) and was so happy to see a French girl in line only a few people behind me. I immediately engaged in conversation! She said I am the first girl she’s met traveling solo. Hopefully I will meet plenty of people when I want company. I’ll just put it out there!  I thought for sure there would be loads of tourists but not so. There were only four of us white folks on board- all the rest  locals. Maybe it was because it was the cheaper ferrry taking 2.5 hrs (but really 3.5) instead of 1.5 hrs as the fast ferries take.

She asked if I wanted to share a room and I was more than happy to. Neither of us had any idea where we’d stay but thankgoodness for guidebooks. She has a mobile and an American she met recommended a great hotel. We’ve been hanging out exploring the narrow roads and it feels like were in an ancient land. Zanzibar is a Muslim island so there are many woman in full Muslim attire with some with only there eyes exposed. Very strange to see. Makes  me think about my life, how I was raised and I ponder what they may think of me or the Western world.

I’m so hapy to be out of DAR. It’s not a pretty city and taking with a few other travelers my impression is mutual. Lea leaves for France on the 27th but her and I will part ways tomorrow on the 26th as I head  to Kenwra beach on the northern tip of the island. It’s been great spending time with her as I realize I need to be tougher when I interat with poeple, always bargain, always question, and if needed raise my voice if poeple are bothering me. I have the tendency to be too nice but being nice while on the road alone is never a good thing. I also realize I overpacked. I should have given way more clothes to my dad sinc eI left London barely after to close my pack. NOt good. I’ll give up my favorite hoodie but then again it’s only material. I can always buy another one. This is part of the experience-letting go of material objects, of what I know and of all the comforts that I’m used to at home.

There have been signs in stonestown about the full moon party this Saturday. I’m looking forward to a beach bungalow. It’s great not having an agenda as I have the freedom to be a beach bum for a week or a month. I’ll see hot long I want to be on the island. After Zanzibar I will likely head up north to Moshi and then Arusha (the base of Kilimanjaro).The rains will be coming soon, though it may be a nice relief as the weather is humid.

I’ve been enjoying the local food and eating from street vendors selling fresh seafood thta they caught for the day. It’s interesting to compare the health standards…well, non-existent standards. Flies everywhere. cooked fish lined in a row waiting to be rehated on the open flame.  Tried Barracuda, blue marlin and Octopus already. Barracuda is yummy!  we would  never see this in America

In a little while we will try a local disco. Will see how it is.

until Next time,


As for photos I will do my best. Internet connection is very slow so I think to load photos may either take a days time or shut down the computer. ECKK.. I will post as soon as I can! 


3 thoughts on “Zanzibar

    I go trick or trteating with a bunch of kids spoon. Pitty I won’t really trick or treat as this year you can see my age haha and the parents join too…. I am a honey bee! It’s 65 degrees here and sunny so not bad at all for halloween in New York!
    How are the beaches?
    And how is the French girl travelling? Did she start a while ago? Any fixed route? Can’t wait to hear more details…
    Make sure the streetvendorfood doesn’t make you sick, in Cuba I was VERY sick for daaaayyyys because of an icecream I bought on the street… But I think you’re stronger than me in that! Anyway, think about it too 🙂
    Looking forward to more news, and out of sight isn’t out of heart!!!

  2. Hey stranger! I’m enjoying reading up on your travels when I get a few moments (AKA – rarely!). It sounds like a real adventure! Meanwhile, back in the Creek, we are going to be soon embarking on a new adventure ourselves 🙂
    Take care,
    Monica, Matt, Justin, and Ryan
    PS Justin says thanks for the postcard, he loved it! He will probably write you a comment himself.

  3. You’ve got the right idea – be tough with the hustlers! Don’t get talked into anything you don’t want to do, and I hate to say it but… don’t be polite. In Egypt I found the best defense against annoying touts was to simply look straight ahead and not acknowledge their bothersome presence, not to say “sorry, no thanks, not now” etc.

    Assume that everyone is trying to cheat you – because they probably are! Bargain for everything – food, hotels, transport, tours, you name it.

    Wow, I guess my attitude is still a bit sour from Egypt, over a year later….

    Happy beach bumming! It’s 40 degrees here in Portland and there was frost on my windshield this morning, so I’m just a TAD jealous.

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