Roughing It…

in Paradise. Life has been wonderful. My last night with Lea we went out to a local nightclub and I danced my soul out. SO much fun. NOt many women, mostly men dancing until someone pointed out that Zanzibar is predominantly Muslim so the woman would not be out dancing amongst men. I’m actually sitting in an internet cafe in the post office with Sammy, one of two guys we went to the club with. They were cool. I came back to the same hotel in Stonetown after leaving for a week and he happened to see me upon my return. I’ve been taking care of errands and here he is sitting near me. hmmm

Zanzibar is beautiful. Kendwa is wonderful but a bit too touristy. I enjoyed lounging around, wandering around(though not so good because of the intensity of the sun, then I wondered why I was tired everyday around 6pm and mind you I spent a lot of time in the shade).

 I said goodbye to Lea and hopped on a shuttle bus to Kendwa and immediately met a solo traveler, Jeannette and 2 guys from Ireland. We all stayed in a  big dorm and hung out together. The had more friends coming and I quickly realized they weren’t really my type of people. Sure, nice to be around others but sometimes other travelers can annoy me more than anything, after a while. Jeannette and I spent a lot of time together, which was nice.

Full moon party was ok. The music was rather a mixed variety. I saw some amazing african dancing and immediately went up to talk with the dancers. They told me I was the first to come and talk with them and they hoped I wasn’t the last. I would love to take classes with them. I was shocked when one of them, whom I spoke with for a good hour, told me they were only paid 10,000 tsh (approx $10) for all 8 to dance for about 20-30 min of dancing. Plus they had to pay accomadations and be able to east since they are from Bagamuyo (where I go next) while, many of us had just paid 15,000tsh each for a a bbq buffet. Overpriced and way too expensive!  I was shocked and upset. The owners told them to pass around a hat to collect money. Grrr…. and they couldn’t even afford to buy drinks. He was so passionate about his dance and had so much hope and yet everyay is quite a challenge to survive. I hope he has a break. Mixing your passion with your will to survive can prove very challenging.

 A few days later we decided to be adventurous and do a snorkeling trip on a small wooden boat with a motor, off the privately owned island of Memba. Doing a snorkling trip or anything for that matter can be arranged but it’s definitely very different to how were used to doing things back home. I was happy the boat had shade. I snorkled a bit, though I don’t think it’s my thing. Or maybe I just need more experience. It’s been 10 years since I last tried it! After we had a gourmet lunch on the beach- Tuna cooked in Ginger and delicious fruit. From there we walked a little on the sand with all our packs to a mini bus shuttle who was waiting to take us to the other side of the island, Paje, on the eastern side. A rough and bumpy ride. Passed through a lot of small little villages and I always enjoy seeing where and how the locals live. We made it to Paje after a long time on the bus. A good journey, though and arrived in a small beach area. Crystal turquoise water. I hope to post photos soon. It’s indescribable. And will certainly make you all jealous! hehehee

So much to write…

Love you all,



One thought on “Roughing It…

  1. Hey! Are the men asking you if you want to be their girlfriend/wife all the time? Or isn’t it that bad?
    And yes when I went in the Gambia with the artists from the compound where I stayed to the 5star hotels, they didnt pay our friends anything! And all those tourists sipping their wine and being entertained… Not giving anything almost in the hat for tips, as they think ‘well we pay already for this hotel’. Sad sad sad, I guess it’s a common thing in more parts of Africa. My heart breaks…
    So cool you went on the road passing villages. And the water… mmm turquoise… enjoy the little things, and seeing the world! so cool that you’re doing this

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