Hello all,

I’m currently in Bagamoyo, a coastal town north of Dar. I decided to stay at least a week as traveling from place to place quickly wears on the body and the soul. There is a transportation system that is easy to use by African standards but it is not convenient all the time.

 I’m adjusting well and find that staying here has helped me gain my bearings. Everytime I move, I have to start over in the sense of meeting people, knowing where everything is, where is safe to go, places to eat etc…I imagine I’ll be a pro when I decide to return and move somewhere. Maybe it will be strange to stay in a place for a long while… will see.

I’ve been getting used to the standard custom by men, which is to ask my name, where I’m from, if I have a boyfriend/husband  and where he is… Sometimes I’m asked where my wedding ring is. They all hope that I may be the answer to getting to the Western world yet they don’t realize how challenging it would be. They also think that all white folks (muzungos) have loads of money. I’ve even joked that I don’t have a tree growing money. However, the fact that I’m in there country says something as most haven’t seen much of their own country.

GOt to go, no more internet time.

 will write more when i can




3 thoughts on “Bagamoyo

  1. Let’s see if this works to respond to comments!

    I decided to head to Zanzibar a few days before arriving in Dar because I knew I wanted to be on the coast and I needed some sort of plan. I visited a few places- Stone town, Kendwa (touristy area), Page ( tourist area but more secluded). I headed home as other travelers were headed back and I felt I had been on the island long enough. Page was also expensive since they only had double rooms at $30.

    I’m deliberately not taking the traveled road/tourist road, which is DAR to Arusha- Kilimanjero, Serengeti, then Zanzibar. Most travelers are only here for a month and then go home. I don’t want to fit that mold, not to mention it’s very expensive. To climb Kili is about $1000. Serengeti is about $500-700 for 3- 4 nights.

  2. Hey there – just wanted to tell you that I am super jealous of you! Your Zanzibar pictures look so… warm! I’m off to warm up in Belize soon, but I still have a month of school to get through first.

    You should go to Egypt and check out the men there – any white male companions you are traveling with will be offered camels in exchage for you!

  3. hey lauren!
    So you hit the road again, did you explore zanzibar enough? Fulfilled with it?
    How did you decide to head there? And do you stay at hostels or hotels? Do you see other travellers, are you on a welltravelled road?
    Oh I have so may questions 🙂
    Have fun and enjoy doing your dream!
    The pictures are AMAZING, wow!!!!! so glad you got that camera haha! (meant to be meant to be…. )
    big hug!!

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