Off on the biggest adventure!

Hello Hello,

 We’ll the time has come  for me to pack my bags, dust off my shoes and hit the road again! I met two girls on Lonely planet who happen to be in Moshi and surprise surprise, not only from California but from Santa Cruz. A wonderful beach town, an hour from my house!  We’re heading to Gombe National Stream in Western Tanzania (borders Burundi) tomorrow and I’m very happy.

Gombe is where Jane Goodall spent 40 years studying the chimpanzees and I owe it to her for planting the seed of curiousity in me for Africa. So for all of you who can’t quite understand my desire for Africa… it stems from childhood. You never know what books or toys may inspire you’re child! I’m intrigued to see where she’s spent so much of her life. But the best part is, it’s very isolated and quite the journey to get there.

If you’re curious, get a map or google one of Tanzania.

Find Moshi. Find Dodoma, kigoma and Gombe.

I’ll take a 10 hr bus ride from Moshi to Dodoma (the capital of Tanzania), then hope luck is on my side and hop on a train that night. Trains only operate 4 days a week and my understanding tickets sell out quickly and yet you can’t buy them over the phone or online. Hurray! Once on the train I’ll ride for 24 hrs and arrive in the small lakeside town of Kigoma. From there, a 3hr lake taxi/lake dala dala to Kibarizi (2km from Gombe).

Sound like fun? I’m happy to be with two other woman, my age! It’s the journey not the destination! It could take anywhere from 3 -6 days to get there. will see what happens!

Thanks to those of you who have sent cards/postcards. I’ve only received 3 so far and keep asking about mail. It seems like everything comes in bunches. Hopefully, once I return from Gombe, all mail will have arrived!  If all goes well, I shall be in kenya by the end of January!

So I post more photos and somehow my memory card has gotten a virus or at least on half the pictures i want to post… hmmm. And someone was just telling me how their memory card got infected with too many viruses and now mine seems to have one, great!

DOnt’ know why the photos aren’t all upright like I edited them. Oh well. don’t strain your necks too much!


3 thoughts on “Off on the biggest adventure!

  1. Yeah, off on a Safari.

    I agree with ML, more people are following your adventure than you think and not just be reading your blog but by me keeping them posted. Like Dee, our hairdresser asks about you everytime I go there. And of course, Leslie and Sandra and Diana and Chrisine. I think some people just don’t know how to leave a comment believe it or not. Richard reads your blog regularly too of course.

    Yes, you look so cute in your African garb. And yes, go for the braids. I’d love to see that too!

    Can’t wait to hear how the safari went and to see your awesome photos.

    We all miss you!!!!!

  2. Thank you sooo much for calling me!!! I feel so good now, am sitting here with a smile and fulfilled feeling 😀
    Was great hearing you….
    Have fun on your adventure tomorrow! Can’t wait to see the pictures and read your story. I check every day if there’s a new blog!
    I know more people read it too everytime, like Henk (my mom’s bf), and they all say you are writing great and hey love reading it! I don’t know why they don’t post anything here, but just know more people are following your adventure than you think!
    Have a blast on your safari
    love you!!!!!!

  3. Wow that’s soooo cool that you met those girls! Were they planning to go there or did you inspire them?
    And I saw your African skirt and dress! I especially love the whole outfit, I think you should walk in it in Africa! (they will more likely believe that you’re married too haha, with one of them) But, I know you sent it home already 🙂 It looks reeeaaally pretty.
    Ah and you got a haircut! How did that go? I still think you should do women’s rasta, the long braids, it’s sooo convenient when travelling, and they are experts in it (and, it was like 10 dollars in stead of 250 if you do that in Belgium).

    Well, I am SO GLAD you’re doing your big adventure. Oh my god it’s already halfway January, it’s becoming to be a looong trip! So cool that you are doing this

    All my thoughts and hugs to you my jumpbuddy,

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