Things I miss from California

march 14, 2008

Things I craved to have while in tanzania and making my way to south africa:


Caesar salad — ate in malawi


chips and salsa

ranch dressing

cheese- brie, pepper jack, cheddar….

Chipotle- chicken fajita burrito

pantry and fridge filled with food

target- one stop all purpose shop

washer and dryer

car- so I can get in and go on my time, not african time and feeling squashed like a tomato

Now that I’m in south africa I can get everything I need as if I were in CA. Minus my car. I can live without that. South africa is a first world country, which is what separates it from the other countries I’ve visited.  Maputo, Mozambique has a large European western influence. It’s amazing!

What I miss from Tanzania:

fresh passion juice anytime  (only 50 cents!)

the best veggie samosas ever ( 400 tsh=40cents)

What I miss from Mozambique:

bakeries everywhere- for fresh bread rolls to make yummy avocado tomato sandwiches

Fresh fruit- mangoes, pineapples… avocados!

fruit street vendors everywhere in Maputo

Missing SA:

savory pies: chicken and mushroom, thai chicken, chicken tikka, veggie or chicken curry in a flaky, doughy pocket. Similiar to an empanada but even yummy. Sorry Chilean heritage!

Grandilla (passion fruit) yougurt. SO yummy! and guava yougurt

Inexpensive groceries because of the exchange rate. Unfortunately, prices are high for most SA no matter what your skin color or heritage


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