Get in THERE!

Location: coffee bay at Coffee shack backpackers

Headed to: Bulungula- south of coffee bay in a remote area within the Xhosa community.

I know I’ve been lacking in the blogging world but computer access and decently priced at that is not always easy to come by when your in rural areas along the coast- wild coast!

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*Read my previous blog- entry before this one.

I’ve been having a good time in Coffee bay, over an hours drive from the nearest city or grocery store that carries more than your standard bread and butter. I’ve been hanging out here for the last week and love the feel of this cosy place in the middle of nowhere- just rolling hills, lots of cows, donkeys and goat, dirt road and lots of ocean.  A few rondavels dot the hills- and a few hotels/backpackers are here. Lots  of hiking and and playing in the sea. It’s relaxing and I’ve been reading books, which is so wonderful for me. I’ve been reading about kenya… though I want to be reading about South AFrica. I keep checking the book exchanges I come across. As much as I like coffee bay the party vibe every night at the coffee shack is wearing on me. I often feel like an outsider trying to make sense of the  craziness of drinking to oblivion everynight- and then call it a party. I don’t see the fun in it. I’ve been missing good conversations and connecting with people. I’ve met some cool people here but they seem far and few between. When you start questioning yourself and feeling different, it’s a sign to move on, right? Yet I love the surroundings. I plan to head to an even remote area on the coast, Bulungula, within the Xhosa communtiy. NO electricy. solar powered. It will be nice to be in a different setting and with a better chance of more people like me.


South Africa has so much to offer and it’s easy while traveling the coast to forget where you really are. I could be in California or France. I have all my amenities and comforts here that also comes with the type of people you meet. I’m ready for a change… I’m ready to experience all the different dimensions of SOuth Africa.

Meanwhile, I’m making my way down the coast until I get to capetown. I plan to find work and settle there for a while. Have ideas or know someone there? let me know! It’s the place that inspired this crazed adventure in the first place! I’ll see how it all feels once I get back there.  I have tentative ideas but nothing set in stone. I often rack my brain of all the potential plans and places I want and can go but in the end, I know I need to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Life always works itself out and theire’s always another plan… usually not what I think it is.


Bring it on!


Hope all is well,

Keep the comments and/or emails coming! I I cherish them. ‘ll try responding to comments any of you post on here!



One thought on “Get in THERE!

  1. It’s difficult to imagine exactly where you are but your descriptions give me a good idea. Your writing of the areas you are visiting are so wonderful.

    Interesting, your perspective on begging. Sometimes I wonder about that here, wether giving a dollar to someone on the street helps or hinders. It seems natural to want to give something when others have little in comparsion. Your view makes me think again.

    Can’t wait to read about where you end up next.

    I miss you!

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