Living without a plan…

Decisions are the hardest! After debating if I wanted a big challenge and travel solo through Namibia and try to find people to hire a car with,  I decided to go for the overland arranged option. I take off on june 2 on a 21 day camping trip with Bundu safari’s through Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. It’s not exactly cheap but nor are these countries.  I’m ready for conveniences and not always having to plan and figure things out on daily basis. It can be tiresome on the soul and I’m just not game for it at the moment.  It’s a treat to myself.

My last week in Cape town has been good. I was hosted by an awesome Indian South African gal, Pravanya and her boyfriend Kabil for the weekend and enjoyed being on their schedule- went to an older coworkers home with all guests around my age, Pravanya cooking yummy chicken curry, then enjoying a scumptious breakfast the following morning, relaxing and then trying my skills at football (soccer). I quite enjoyed it- it’s kinda like dancing with also trying to outwit your opponent. I like the challenge of the game.  Then she cooked for me again. Yum and not expected. I’m looking forward to seeing her this weekend. We also climbed up Lion’s head, a beautiful peak that gives shape to the city bowl- central cape town. It was a good hike, climbing over rocks and boulders  with 360 degree views of the city, table mountain, camps bay and the sea. Can’t wait to post photos!

This past week I stayed with a lovely South African Afrikaner woman, Ardine, for a week. She is awesome, very open and welcoming and we got on well she had me stay a week. The only unfortunate thing was she was also hosting an Irish gal who was a bit too much for me- demanding, inconsiderate, in her own little world that life centers around and loved talking but not listening. Sound like someone we all want to hang out with, doesn’t it?  Apparently, it was only me that had the issue as my host didn’t seem bothered. We spent Tues- Sun together which was a lot for me to bare. For one, I’ve been used to being on my own and doing my thing but also difficult because our personalities were not a match. But I survived… and I might end up seeing her this weekend as it’s planned she’ll be staying with Pravanya  too. AHHH…

I went wine tasting, enjoyed the view from table mountain (one of my favorite places), checked out the nightlife, attended a couch surfing meet up (more overseas visitors/living here rather than locals) and glimpsed at the over priced craft market for ideas. I just can’t be bothered. I dislike the haggling and the redundant bull shit stories to make you feel sorry into paying way too much. I asked one woman if they were mulungu prices (white prices) and she laughed and said, “you’re clever.”  I love it. it’s funny. I know the game and they laugh that I can’t be conned.

I have another week until my trip to Namibia begins and I can’t wait. I’m currently couch surfing with  a guy from the states who is studying at University of Western cape. Today, we hoped on the train-nothing too elaborate, like the metro in New York but only a few different train lines and with 2 separate classes- 1st and 3rd. 1st is slightly more comfortable. During rush hour, there would be a bigger difference. We went to Strand, an hr from Cape town a city on the ocean with an eerie and bizarre feeling. Had an interesting lunch- one where half the things on the menu aren’t available (typical Africa) yet within an office building with a salon, real estate office and gym… It’s filled with tall buildings lining the coast full of flats but without much character or cafes, bars, restaurants. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a holiday destination or what or maybe it’s the next thing? A lot of construction but not too many people.  Now were at the University, sun has set while he gets info for his  exams.

I’ve been trying not to have plans and just go with the flow. Let go completely and see what happens. COuch surfing allows for it. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’ll stay with a host or go to a backpackers or if they’re up for exploring or not. wait and see. It’s nice.  Freeing myself from making plans isn’t easy. It seems as if it’s within us to always make plans and abide by them but living life is meant for random encounters, change, different directions. I’m striving to let go!

It’s been quite rewarding so far…



One thought on “Living without a plan…

  1. Hi My friend! You are so amazing! I’m glad I found this site so I can drop you a line now and again. It’s funny how we can all be very different and yet the same! Our lives crossed path on that incredible London journey and door opened for us both!

    My life takes as you describe it, a more traditional role, but the reality is, “tradition”, “convention”, “normal”, etc…is so arbitrary anyway. If getting older has taught me anything it’s that we cannot look to society to dictate. This is how we get lost. We must have the courage to look within ourselves and find what fits. I’ve also learned that the best “fit” changes over time for some things too! I’ve found that when we look inside ourselves and our spirit and try to identify with our value system we will find that no matter what society dictates, we are not simply clones roaming through earth. We are living thinking creatures with hearts, minds and souls and spirits and we are all connected.

    I guess we are all travelers…just down different paths. Some of us travel down the corporate, Starbucks, House & 2.5 kids path and some of us the anti-establishment, organic food, idealist path. And then there’s everything in between. When I read your blogs and think of you, I realize how we can all be so different and still compatible and able to appreciate each other. I feel you are meant to be in my because while it isn’t my desire to travel solo around the world, I am so proud of your courage and want to learn from you.

    I’m glad I got to see you before you left! Who knows when you’ll be back! I can tell you that if you ever find yourself in Italy…tell me! My family is in the south in Calabria and Sicily and they would LOVE to host you! My cousins speak English and one of them is only a year younger than us and she’d be thrilled to host you. They all have plenty of room. In addition, I have family in England too. Most of them are Italian, but they’ve been there forever so they can speak and are very British in mannerism.

    I am still a hotel manager and loving it. I have loved hotels since I was 5 years old and I’m blessed to have the opportunities I’ve had.

    I am very impressed by your writing skills and feel strongly that you may have a career as a writer. Just a thought!!! You’re like Lionel on “As Time Goes By!” HEHE He wrote his memoirs about living in Africa! Now you just need Dame Judy Dench to inspire you.

    Well my dear, back to my world very far away from yours. I am drinking my Starbucks and texting on my Blackberry (probably the opposite of what you do!) but I am appreciating and cheering you on and sending you my thoughts and prayers for your safety, your enjoyment, your inspiration and most of all for your dreams to come true.

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