Na NA Namibia

I’m in Namibia! Who would have thought it’s such a vast dessert. There’s not much here and it’s one country in Africa that you can’t use public transport to get you to most places in the country because most of the “must see sights” are in the middle of nowhere. Minibuses aren’t needed if there aren’t any people.   I was told by many, traveling solo in Namibia would be difficult but now I fully understand. I’m grateful and happy I swallowed my pride and gave comfort and convenience a try by joining an overland truck.

Can you believe it? It’s only 3 of us (a couple from Norway and I) and our awesome guide, Stephan.  I get 3 seats to myself which is nice. My stuff is scattered all over but it’s cosy. Luckily we all get along and enjoy each others company so it makes spending lots of time together very easy.  I decided not to join the common overland company, Nomads, simply because they run every week and every traveler seems to have heard from someone they’re good. 24 people on that truck and  I could have been one of them. I would go crazy.  Glad I went for Bundu safari’s!


We have to set up our tents, which are heavy canvas tents with metal rods. Not as simple as tents I put up at home but lucky Stephan or Martin (norweigan guy) always comes along to help out. Stephan usually prepares dinner and we wash up. I was expecting it to be more hands on but Stephan seems to enjoy cooking. I’m not quite sure how he does it being driver (mostly on gravel roads), guide, cook, responsible for everything but he’s been doing it for 6 years. This is his last trip before starting his own business with his sister in Zulu land South Africa as a rafting guide.


We’ve spent the last few days in Swakopmund, an oasis in the middle of the desert and along the Atlantic ocean. It’s a German town so you have German architecture and a few brauhaus’s. I wander the streets thinking, I’m not in Africa but not sure where the heck I am? I feel like I’ve landed on the moon. We arrived on Saturday morning, ate lunch, roamed the town quickly and then headed off for quadbiking in the sand dunes. A 2 hr ride on my own fully automatic ATV. Awesome. Sand dunes forever… and yet I wonder how I ended up here. “I’m riding a quad bike in the sand dunes of Namibia,” I told myself. Like pinching myself, it just doesn’t feel real sometimes. Or maybe that’s what happens when you’ve been on the road for so long…

That evening we had a nice dinner and then enjoyed the nightlife at the bar at our lodge. It’s a bonus we got to sleep 2 nights in a bed. I had a 10 bed dorm room all to myself so I didn’t feel the need to upgrade. The music was shitty so was disappointed as I wanted to dance but Stephan made up for it. He got toasted and I got some good ole drunkeness on video. Laughing is something I haven’t done enough of in a while but since being on the trip, laughter has returned like a good friend gone missing.

After a long night, I awoke to a pounding on my door 10 minutes before needing to leave to hit the sand dunes and go sand boarding. Yup, with a snow board strapped to my feet  but on the sand dunes. It was awesome but the moment I got speed I chickend out and touched down. Falling in the sand isn’t as scary as falling in the snow. The only thing is, there’s no sand lifts so once you make it down the dune you’re only option is to walk back up. Way too much walking, especially after a long night and no breakfast (because I woke too late). I managed anyhow.


Then we had a chance to sandboard laying on waxed cardboard. Lay flat with feet slighty up and arms angled out lifting up the front of the board. I didn’t lift my hands up enough so lucky me had sand flying  in my face and eating sand. Not fun.  But then I tried again on the faster dune. A bit scary but I just held on tight and held up my board. I even flew in the air and landed hard- instant headached but so much fun. They clocked me at 75km/per hr, approx: 55miles per hr. the fastest one of the day.  I planned to go again but realized I was too tired to climb up the dune to come back for my other board.


Fish river canyon- 2nd largest canyon to Grand Canyon, looks similar but not as deep. Not too touristy either. There weren’t any barriers in some view points so if you slipped, kiss your lift good bye. and Yes, I had to have a few jumping photos! HA.

Sossuvlei: Red sand dunes from the orange river. Amazing. Climbed dune 45. beautiful.


A few more days in Namibia and then off to Botswana to explore the Okavango Delta.

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to post there. I’m only posting now because the truck is being fixed. Stuck in 4wd. not good for the car or the environement as it uses twice as much petrol. ouch.


Hope all is well,


One thought on “Na NA Namibia

  1. So glad to hear from you! Thought it might be 22 days without a peep since I assumed no phone or computers on your travels on the truck. You sound happier than most of your earlier blogs so I’m assuming being taken care of (sort of) appeals to you. Sounds like a real adventure. In fact I’ve never met anyone who has been to Namibia before (it’s even difficult to pronouce). At least I know where it is now on the map.

    Wow, and who’d ever think that sand boarding would be on your itinerary. Can’t wait to see all your photos. Can’t wait to see you again. Hurry home girl!!!!!!

    I miss you!
    LOVE, Mom

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