DON’T take a minibus taxi in Joburg

Not complete!

So… I took a minibus taxi in Joburg and even changed taxi’s at the central joburg taxi rank! Depending on whom you talk to about joburg, you’re bound to get various opinions on the safety and how to navigate the city without a car. Joburg has quite the reputation for crime and it happens but I often wonder how much of this is spread out of fear than fact.

I stayed with Stephen, a cool couch surfer born and raised in Joburg, who told me Joburg isn’t as bad as its cracked up to be. Refreshing to be around someone who wasn’t part of the hype of how bad the city is. Too many South Africans and travelers told me to avoid Joburg if I could but interestingly, I Iiked it. It’s like any big city with it’s share of shopping malls, nice restaurants, cinema’s,  dirty back alley’s, beggars.  It reminded me a bit like Southern California but without your beach a few minutes away; try 3-4 hrs and plenty of smog!

I spent my first day in Joburg at the Apartheid museum. Impressive. Overwhelming. Educational. Detailed. I spent 2.5 hrs roaming through but I could easily spend several days there to read every thing and try to grasp the depth of it. Apartheid: institutionalized racism  by the Afrikaan government was in place from 1945-1990


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