Home SWEET Home!

I’m officially home.  This time I mean it. I’m no longer wandering the continent of Africa or enjoying my second home of SOUTH AFRICA. I’m in the East Bay of the SF Bay Area, CA. Amazing.

I was ready to come home though I know I’ll be missing Africa as I adjust. Leaving is always easier when you’re ready!  I know I’ll have my challenges at home but there does come a time on the travel road, when you reach BURN OUT. I did. So now it’s time to relax, enjoy and chill for a bit in the glorious Bay Area. Living in the Bay Area makes returning home so much easier, it’s beautiful here and the weather is always wonderful.

Before I left on this journey, I thought I might want a complete change and begin a new in NY but after my 10 day visit I realize I want the laid back life style of CA and I don’t want to deal with humidity and really cold winters, at least for now.

It’s been nice settling in, making an even bigger mess of my room as I sort all my clothes and travel gear. It’s amazing how rooms don’t get cleaner when you leave, they look just as you left them… no matter how long you’re gone, a shame! I’ve also been overwhelmed with how many clothes I have in my closet and dresser. I remember  comparing my wardrobe to friends and always thinking I’m not much of a shopper or willing to spend so much money on clothing to maintain an elaborate wardrobe but mine, somehow, is quite extensive. If you ever feel like you’re closet doesn’t have enough clothing, just travel minimally and out of a pack and it will do the trick. You’ll appreciate everything you own. I don’t even know where to begin when I get dressed in the morning or afternoon. I definitely missed having options and letting fashion be a creative outlet but going from 2 pants, 3 skirts and 6 shirts (after shopping in SA), I was unsure what to do. I just want jeans or a skirt and a t-shirt.

Simplicity, please!

So far so good with adjusting. Going from a modern, first world city of Joburg where you have everything you could possibly imagine including huge shopping malls with fashion designer shops and any cuisine you’d like (except for the good ole’ burrito); I didn’t have such a shocking transition as I would have if I came from Tanzania.

I’ve been feeling restless, overwhelmed and just wanting to chill out. A part of me still wants to be on the go while the other half just wants to be still, quiet, not move. Yet all around me, I’m reminded of things to do- update blog, upload photos, email people I’m home, call friends, spend time with family. I know everything will fall into place as it always done and a lot of the assignments I’ve given myself don’t have any deadlines so what’s the rush?

At the end of my journey in Africa I was tired of always meeting people and knowing I’d only see/hang out with them for a day or maybe a week. Even NY, it felt pointless to be meeting lots of cool people simply because I knew I wouldn’t be hanging out with them much. I still want to take it easy but now that I know I’ll be in the BAY for a while I’m eager to begin networking and socializing. I’m thankful for couchsurfing and the huge community that’s here. SF ROCKS! Coming back and having to start anew while living at home would be much more difficult without the wonderful couchsurfing community. How else do you meet like minded people or just people near my age now that I’m out of college and at the moment unemployed?  Exactly. I had trouble meeting people a year before I left- the trouble with suburbia and a job without co-workers!

Thank goodness for the internet!


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