My pocket knife passes security check… twice!

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Ok… So now that I’ve been home 7 days I’m sorting most of my belongings and my room is looking worse and worse by the day. Major explosion happened in my room without my consent since I’ve returned.

My big rucksack didn’t end up on the baggage carousel when I landed 18 hrs later in New York from Joburg where I patiently waited for a good 45 minutes. I, with only a few others, had to file a report for missing baggage. Airlines have “lost” my bags before so I wasn’t too worried, including the last time I flew South African Airways! Unfortunately, this time around it took them 7 full days instead of the typical one or two days to bring my glorious maroon bag back to me. How could it have survived so many minibus, car and two airplane rides and then get lost in transit for my 18 hr flight? Or maybe 18 hrs explains everything?

When I called the unhelpful baggage claim line, to ask if she knew where my bag was traveling without me, she had no idea. You’d think, one would try to sound as if they had some clue or sympathy to people who are always calling inquiring about their missing bags- courtesy of airline personel.  Then, she said, oh, it was in Joburg.  “Excuse me,” I’m thinking, “it chilled in Joburg for 7 days.” Who  knows where my bag was while I dove off the deep end in NY. When my bag and I rejoined, I was ecstatic happy to have a few items that just couldn’t be replaced ( a few african tees, shells and beads) but then I realized my brand new toiletry bag shipped from alaska by my wonderful travel buddy was missing. It’s just materials, I know but did someone really have to take it out? Or did they just forget to put it back when identifying my bag?

I submitted a claim to SA airways saying my toiletry bag, its contents, a few beaded keychains and my pocket knife were missing!  I sent the claim yesterday evening. While trying to organize my room by starting small I decided to keep my electronic gadgets(cell phone, camera battery and IPOD charger, adaptors, sim cards and pocket knife) all in one spot, just as I did while on the road. Guess where I found my Pocket knife. YUP, it was there the whole time.

The strangest thing about my pocket knife is when I flew from Livingstone, Zambia to Joburg, South Africa, I made sure to put my pocket knife in a sock into my checked bag and I don’t remember removing my pocket knife again. Or did I? I vaguely remember someone asking me if I had a knife but that was at someone’s home so they would have had knifes in their kitchen drawer. It’s crazy when you can’t remember a sequence. I do remember thinking I my  pocket knife was already tucked away in my checked baggage so no need to worry about where it is for my flight to  NY and it could be confiscated by airline personnel. How it ended up bag in my electronic gadget bag, I don’t know.

My trusty electronic gadget bag with my POCKET KNIFE was in my CARRY-ON!  I passed through two international airports security check points- Joburg, SA to JFk, NY,USA and then JFK to OAK, CA.

Please explain how  my pocket knife (with 14 features) went undetected.

Is the answer as simple as Transportation Security Adminastration (TSA) focusing all their attention to irrelevancy- liquids must be 3 oz or less all contained in a quart size ziploc and no water bottles.  I laugh under my breath every time I go through security. It’s the biggest joke- a  fear and intimidation show without much common sense. Do you feel safer?  I don’t. I think we’re more likely to have more problems because individuals may just want to show all our silly loop holes in the system!

Honestly, what could I possible have in my flip flops necessitating I take them off, place them in a plastic box, and put them through the x-ray machine? Or the padding down checks? Or the little rectangular cubicle that you stand in and blows  puffs of air at you for 5 seconds? I was told hesitantly by TSA, a few year back after experiencing this stupid thing, it’s to detect exposives on a person?

TSA proves there not doing their job properly or efficiently. If they cut the bullshit of trying to instill fear in everyone by their stiff and unfriendly demeanor, creating additional security gadgets, and enforcing no liquids etc, without any of us questioning for fear will be harrassed at length individually, their allowing our “safety” to be compromised. Or maybe that’s what they’ve been doing ever since “security” has become the focus.

I’m contemplating an email to TSA to just say, HA HA, Look what passed your X-ray machines not once BUT twice! Why don’t you get back to basic security and paying attention to pocket knives and other weapons rather than removal of shoes and water bottles. Then again, someone without any common sense will likely get the unintelligable idea to institute more regulations. RIght? Or maybe i’ll do it just for the sake of having the last laugh… or  an editorial to the newspaper?

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Leave a comment below, please!


4 thoughts on “My pocket knife passes security check… twice!

  1. I remember that when we came back from Hawaii, my roommate had one of those backpacks with the camel bag in them, and hers was completely full, but because it was in her backpack, they didn’t check or make her empty it, and she made it onto the plane with at least a half gallon of liquid.

    Now, if they’re really that worried that my curling gel is going to be used as a weapon and will therefore confiscate it if it’s a whopping 3.1 oz, then there’s no way at all that she should be able to get away with what could end up being a rather large amount of rocket fuel or nitroglycerine or what have you.

    Thanks, TSA, for making everyone’s lives more difficult… but not really safer at all.

  2. I can send you another “tolietry bag.” We have a store in town which sells them. You can pick them up at and REI or similar store. I should have read this before I sent the package. Oh well!

  3. I wouldn’t tell TSA about that – Mr. Bush will have your phone wiretapped and the Dept of Homeland Security will be reading all your e-mails before you know it.

    Also, congrats on your arrival back in the USA! Whenever you get the travel itch again, come on up to Portland!

  4. Oh my God, you mean other people probably have pocket knives and who knows what all with them when I’m flying. Arn’t the Xray machines working? Please don’t tell them about your pocket knife or as you mentioned they may come up with additional ideas for how to safe guard the flights. I guess the best news is that you didn’t get caught!

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