Enjoying the Vancouver sunshine

Well, I couldn’t sit still so I set off to Vancouver, BC, Canada the last day of July to spend some time with my amazing great aunt. It’s been great being in a new place, though it’s still famililar since I’ve been coming to Vancouver since I was a child to visit my family. I was in need of a new place but realize my memory does amazing things once I return to a city I’ve been before. Five years have passed since I was last here but yet it all feels so familiar. Why?


I’m slowly realizing my need for newness and discovery will likely always be a part of me. I was on the go for so long, never ever settling for more than 2 weeks while traveling in Africa (except for my 6 week stay in Moshi, TZ) so I have a need to always be on the go. I enjoy being in one place but it also breeds restlessness and the desire to be on the go. It’s a stange time. The enjoyment of the familiar because it’s comfortable but too much comfort creates the need for something different.  I’m not too sure if there is a remedy but I imagine I’ll just have to press on or try to ignore the desire. In the end, nothing really suffices. I want newness but don’t always have the energy to “discover.”  I really need to just decompress, relax and enjoy.


Vancouver is a beautiful, open-minded, friendly city with plenty of cafe’s, hip restaurants, music and likely a good night scene (surprisingly, I haven’t checked it out). A wonderful city skyline with plenty of high rise apartment builidings with the backdrop of the bay and lush forest. It’s a dream for any outdoor enthuisast.


My only concern is the rain, which is why everything is so lush and green. My first few days greeted me with gloomy skies and a nice drizzle to remind me sunny skies are something to be  apprecieated.


 I’ve been amazed by my great aunt who lives on her own, goes to the gym twice a week, takes the bus to most of her outings, and is up to date with the concerns of the world and the environment. She’s concerned about global warming and wants to do her part as best she can. Most elderly people I talk to act as if it’s all unimportant because it’s too late anyway to make any change. Truth is, we don’t really know but why continue to do what we know harms the Earth? Why wouldn’t we try to make lots of change? It can only help. I love her enthusiam she can do her part and make a difference. To the young and old, let this be a welcome message! She’s self reliant and a strong woman making me realize it may not be a coincidence where I get my independence and strong character from. It’s in the family.   I feel priviledged to spend time with her and hear everything she has to say.

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