Snap. Upload. Print. Repeat until it’s missing

My treasured traveling gadget has been missing for 2 weeks now and I’m refusing to give up hope it’s eternally lost. My world traveler and documentarian of the road-my camera- has gone on a journey without me, floating somewhere in San Francisco or beyond.  I grabble with how I could have possible lost it of all places in my own state, backyard of the Bay Area. You’d think with all it’s wanderings and then dustiness at Burning Man it would have easily gone lost, stolen or literally bite the dust from too much dust. Yet life, as usual, keeps me filled with surprises and unexpected curves.


Not only does it have a week  of 500 captured stills of adventure and the random, strange and wonderful  realm of Burning Man as well as a night out 80’s dancing, the evening my camera disappeared I was photographing the not so excitingness of having way too many passengers in a car, snapping happily, buzzing off life. I remember taking photos but have no recollection of what I did with the camera afterwards. A classic example of the body moving faster than the brain can comptute what’s going on. Oh, I dislike when this happens. Maybe I just can’t remember, but it sure seems to be happening way more frequently these days. hmmm


How does my Camera travel through 10 African countries without any incident, boat rides, late nights, you name it but then get lost on a random midnight in San Francisco? Twisted? Murphy’s Law? Maybe. Though I’m not one for the negative philosophy, that is Murphy. Coincidence? Maybe. I want to think it’s something more. Am I just being told my camera is finished with her journey?  Snapping seven thousand and counting photos and she’s ready to have a new home, retire…I’ll admit she was quite banged up from the whole experience. Who wouldn’t be after so much time on the road. Why can’t she just fall apart on me and then I really know she’s just not meant for capturing moments anymore, ya know.


Or is the lesson a little larger? LETTING GO. Perhaps.


Burning Man teaches you a lot. My first year I didn’t bring a digital camera because she was brand new. Dust wasn’t going to ruin a beautiful soon to be world camera so I went the disaposable route and enjoyed the experience rather than documenting. However, my second year, I decided a plastic baggy could suffice for protection from the dust and she’d survive. She did. I didn’t photgraph as much as I could because I found I took myself out of the experience when I had to think about my camera, angles, perspective. I just wanted to be. In the moment. These days it’s so easy to be so focused on everything but what’s really important, NOW.


So to lose all my Burning Man photos would simply be a reminder of what I was already feeling on the playa. To be in the Moment rather than attempting to document the Moment.  Let go. To lose any other photos, wouldn’t quite drive this message home or too heart quite the same way. Let go. Be in the moment.


I’m still checking Craigslist Lost and Found everyday in the hopes a kind soul has found my memory keeper and wants to reunite us. I believe in random acts of kindness. Miracles. Good people. You’d be surprised how many people lose things but more importantly the decent posts from individuls who have FOUND items and want to return them to their rightful owner. Yup. There are still good people in the world. So maybe, my strong feeling (the moment I realized it was missing) my camera is going to be reunited to me all makes sense. Either way, I know the more positive thoughts I put out there, the better chance she has at coming back. I have emailed three people who had FOUND postings regarding a camera in a similar area as where I believe it went missing. Each person has gotten back to me with bad news but yet it gives me hope. I have this feeling that someone has found it, they just don’t know about craigslist yet.


I count my stars all of my African photos are all with me. Backed up twice on CD’s. Now, losing 9 months of photos from traveling solo would be a lot harder to Let go…


One thought on “Snap. Upload. Print. Repeat until it’s missing

  1. Last weekend I took what might have bordered on too many photos just because I didn’t want there to be any chance that I could forget things, ever.

    We’d go out on various adventures, and I would move all the photos onto my computer so that if I accidentally dropped my camera off a cliff or into a lake, I would still have all the previous time documented.

    I can’t imagine actually losing my camera; I have before, though, which is why I’m moderately obsessive now about transferring images as soon as humanly possible. Burning Man, though… hmm. That’s a very telling thing to lose photos of, you know?

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