A year ago, I arrived.

A year ago I landed in on the glorious African continent, dumb-founded and scared. What was I doing? How do I get out? Where will I go? How will I manage? This isn’t what I envisioned. A small room with holes in the screen, construction noise at odd hours and a shower practically over the toilet with no hot water. How’d I end up here.

A year later, I remember my first day in Dar es Salem as if it were yesterday. I feel the clammy moisture against my skin, the uneven pavement beneath my action ready sneakers, and faces of touts who claimed me as a fresh soul to pounce on. Intimidate.

I’m surprised time has passed me by so quickly.  And yet the timing couldn’t be more perfect: Heather, my great friend and traveling buddy for a month in Africa, will grace me with her presence in less than 15 hours to spend a week with me in the Bay Area. I don’t think I quite comprehend it or understand it. I think I might need to leave a post-it note on my door to pick her up on time at the airport. A dream. We spent a month-24/7-together and still like each other. If anything, it’s stregthed our friendship. I can’t really imagine how my  journey would have been with out her.

I’m thinking up all my favorite spots to take her. I feel like I’m going on holiday in my own backyard. I am. Will be busy, intense and tiring but noting can quite compare to traveling to Africa together. There won’t be an overcrowded minibus barreling down the road, blasting Portuguse salsa music, glandcing at each other and bursting into laughter. I know will have an abundance to share, laugh and maybe even cry.

I’m looking forward to it


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