A video clip- Surviving Joburg

The weather is turning mildly chilly and the overcast and rainy days have arrived.

I’ve been reminiscing of my African journey lately!

A couchsurfer whom I stayed with in Joburg recently created  “an 8-minute promo called “Surviving Joburg.”

(those with patience or fast connections can switch HD on and enjoy)

I loved the trailer and fully relate to all the tension, fear, worry, craziness, direction of the country and a bit of love for what is Joburg. I was scared to visit Joburg after 3 months of both locals and travelers in South Africa telling me not go- It’s ugly and dangerous, they said. Luckily, I went anyway and stayed with Stephen who is very knowledgeable about his beautiful country- South Africa- as well as his city of Joburg.

We both agreed it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Too many people perpetuate the fear.


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