I’m sitting at a favorite coffee shop, a cozy space where they serve your coffee or tea in a mug on first impulse not a paper cup, in my hometown. I try to write all the memories and stories that flood my mind at any given time of day but taking the time to sit down for 30 min or an hour a day keeps passing me by. I figure if I go to cafe, it sort of gives me a purpose and ultimately focus. It’s still easy to be distracted.

Anyhow, while trying to focus, a group of fifty or so high schoolers walked down the street with signs against changing the constitution to only allow men and women to marry, “Love= Equality”, “I support gay marriage,” “No on Prop 8” etc. Instant smile on my face. It’s great to see young people (younger than me) taking a stand. I found it funny that most of them were dressed with bright tie die shirts, peace signs or some nostalgia clothing that make you instantly think “hippie era.” Love, change and equality is something we are all capable of without evoking a specific time period or generation. It seems these days the word hippie has so many connotations and ideals, and often not in the most positive sense. It’s unfortunate.

I know Prop 8- changing the constitution to state marriage is only between a man and a woman- isn’t going to die. It’s going to keep on coming back at us until we accept gay marriage. I have to say I was quite shocked myself, it didn’t pass but I do forget that I live in one of the  more open minded areas of California so it’s easy to forget there are so many people out there that aren’t as open or willing to see other possibilities. I also tend to forget the power religion has.


One thought on “Change

  1. Heh. I’m second on your blogroll. Oh, I totally had a meaningful comment before I saw that… now what was it?

    Oh, right. Something like “we can’t all marry Katie Holmes,” which means that it was about Prop 8. It’s late; coherence isn’t my ally at this juncture.

    The way I see it, there should only be two people and some sort of higher authority involved in a marriage. Maybe they’re being joined together by the deity of their choosing, or by a judge (should they value law), or by Richard Simmons if they’re really kind of fucked up. But the thing is, people look at marriage like it’s something that’s going to join them together… but marriage can’t do that; it’s just a ceremony. I’ve always seen the point of marriage as a celebration and recognition of a spiritual union that already exists. Now, should I at some point get married, well, that spiritual connectedness already exists, and whether or not the state of California wants to acknowledge it doesn’t change its existence. It’s like that grumpy uncle that everyone has who begrudges everyone their joy… California is the grumpy uncle in this scenario.

    Okay, I’m really tired. Where am I going with this? Ah, right. I don’t see why anyone cares who marries who. I mean, people marry other people who are completely wrong for them and make one another miserable on a daily basis, and I certainly don’t say anything about it, regardless of how I feel that THAT violates the sanctity of marriage. In fact, I can still go to Vegas and enjoy the poshness without being bitter and angry that the whole place is kind of a big slam against the sanctity of marriage. And WHY don’t I say anything? Why don’t I protest and send all my funds to the anti-stupidity marriage fund? Because I have no right to impose my personal beliefs and standards regarding spiritual matters onto another living thing.

    It really shouldn’t be that hard of a concept.

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