Surprise in the mail

A few days ago 2 packages arrived unexpectedly in the mail. Same day but at different times. The first package was from Avalon Publishing with a Rick Steve’s Best of Europe 2009 guidebook and journal. No note inside. I realized I had won a contest I had entered a week before. Interesting thing was, the day before a good friend of mine and I were pondering places we could go for a short time-10 days (yes, I know by American standards this sounds like a long time, but by my vagabonding habit 10 days is a short time). We liked the idea of Spain and a surprise European guidebook seemed to be a sign we should act on our thoughts.

The second package, I found after taking a long nap, was wrapped in plastic and had burn marks on one side. Seems someone lit it on fire or it caught fire somehow. I’ll never know.The package was from my mom sent a year ago, June 2008 while I was in Livingston, Zambia. My mom assumed I was going to be there awhile, though I told everyone Livingston would only be a short stop. My mom had sent a box of Godiva chocolates and Happy Feet stickers. All the chocolates were gone and surpringly they hadn’t melted all over the envelope. They were simply gone. Glad someone was able to eat them. From the stamp on the package, the envelope arrived at the post office in Livingstone June 24, 2008, the very day I left Livingstone to board a flight to Joburg, South Africa.

A year later, it follows me home. Impressive. After a full year at home.
The package symbolizing my time on the road, and a year now back home. A package never received on the road, opened at home. My time in Africa following me home.

A package sent across the world and comes back to me a year later, almost intact. Honest people are living in this world, regardless of social or economic status or a developing country.

My mom sent another gift of goodies with make up and such after the box of chocolates. I wonder if it will find me at home too.


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