Travel bug is biting

A year has passed. Somehow.

My transition period was challenging yet while I was in the dark forest I couldn’t see my way out until one day, there was light. Every day Africa flashes through my mind. A song, a comment, a photo, a film, a book or a butterfly can trigger emotions, thoughts and memories that have tucked themselves carefully into the nooks of my memory.

A month ago, I found a 1.5 day off in my busy work schedule. I took off with a friend for a spontaneous exploration along the California coast. We picked strawberries, cooked all our meals at the beautiful Pigeon Point Hostel, talked with travelers and reveled in the freedom to do what ever we pleased.

The travel bug bit me while I was there. I hadn’t had much desire to getaway for all the months I’ve been home as I balance my life of work, social life and some time for myself. All while I prepare and save for the next adventure in my life: Moving Out!

Since my little getaway, I’m pondering my next short trip, trying to fit it when I won’t be working. Hawaii beckons. Spain calls softly. ‘

While staying up way too late talking with a good friend about life and wanting to travel (I feel like I’ve known her forever but its barely been a year) she stopped me mid-sentence and said, “I’m so happy for you. I can remember when I met you, you couldn’t imagine traveling again. You were so burnt out.” She’s right. When I met her, I couldn’t imagine being on the road again but I hoped my feelings would eventually change. Not having a desire to travel scared me. I wondered, “Could the travel bug be out of my system for good?” Time passed and opporutunities to travel came and went but I had no inkling to go.

Just as I predicted, now that I’m working and staying overly busy, traveling is on my mind. I just have to get creative with my schedule and my plans. Anything is possible. You just have to make it happen.

For the moment, it appears only short trips await me.


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