Where does the travel bug come from?

Lately, the travel bug has been making me itch. Itching for a place to venture off to. NOW.

Time is not on my side, at least right now. I work work work, 6 days a week. Finding more than a day off in my schedule seems a distant dream. I’d be content with 2 days away. Who’d have thought. Short term getaays will suffice. For Now. Yet I wonder, do I long to go somewhere because I know I can’t get away?

Before I landed my jobs, I had plenty of time but I had no desire to go anywhere. I was still recouping and re-energizing myself from my long term travels.

Everything changed, after working constantly for 3 months. I had an opportunity to flee to the coast for a day and half and I seized it. And this is when the travel bug bit me.

Now, I think about ocean breezes, redwood trees, and laying in a hammock reading a book.

Why do some people have the travel bug and others don’t? Where did I get it from? Why doesn’t my mom or brother have wanderlust?

My curiosity about the world and adventure began as a young child and was nurtured by day trips and as a young adult, fresh out of high school, venturing off to England to study abroad.

It seems a blessing and a curse to have the travel bug-

The desire to see the world and experience the open road full of possibilities yet missing friends and family back home. Always meeting new people and charting new territory and dealing with change constantly yet fully living in the moment, aware of my surroundings.

People who can’t grasp the vagabond spirit simply think travelers are on vacation, or are lazy or just escaping from life. They simply don’t understand.

Traveling has it’s hardships and challenges but I will repeatedly take the open unknown road vs. a life of monotony and consistency. I like change. Travel shows me what I’m capable of, forces me to push myself, to try new things, to respond when I prefer to hide in the corner.

I wouldn’t trade in my journey for anything. It’s allowed me to further become who I am, what I stand for and how I think about the world.

One of the harshest parts about travel is transitioning back to being home. Adapting and adjusting to another culture and ways of understanding the world can be a challenge but even more difficult is transitioning back to one’s own culture and ways of living, especially after being away for so long.

Are travelers sadistic? Do we like the pain and the hardship that travel brings?

Adjusting, Adapting, Transitioning- Repeat. On end. The travel bug doesn’t go away. There is no Cure- just ample travel to keep the itch at bay.


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