Breathe. Smile.

Leaving home, even for 10 days, seems to be just what I needed. Life has a way of capturing me, engulfing me, and then I wonder where time goes… evaporating into the past.

I fulfill myself with my interests; embracing and pursuing them whole heartily. Yet I have to pause, take a deep breathe and remember what my intentions are. Am I in balance with myself? With my goals? Am I expecting too much of myself? Likely. I spend my days in the garden and love being apart of witnessing life happen before me. Planting a seed, providing what it needs (soil, sun, water, air) and Ta-da, you have life: a plant sprouts. Fascinating.

Nature reminds me what’s important. I stop to admire the bees and ladybugs. I watch the resident hummingbird drink the nectar from the beautiful pink flowers of the pineapple sage. Wings flapping rapidly. Gorgeous turquoise and green feathers. A beauty to delight and stop to witness. I can be apart of this world, even for a moment, if I allow myself to stop. listen. observe. breathe. Repeat.

There are so many things to distract me, us; it’s easy to forget what inspired us. Dreams? goals? When I stop, fully, I remember why I started working in a garden with youth. Simple. We think life has to be complicated and if you allow, it can be. Really complicated. Simplicity is an art in itself and requires practice. Who’d have thought that basics would be something we’d have to learn how to do, remember, aspire to.

Why is it all too easy to be so hectic? for what? What am I gaining gaining? What ARE we gaining?

Filling myself with so many things eventually leads to feeling overstimulated, overwhelmed, unsatisfied and sometimes burn out. So I say, let’s take a moment to

stop. admire. observe. smell. feel. dream. notice. smile.

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