Southwestern Roadtripping

I quit my job! After two years of working as a Garden Educator (which I loved, well for the “most” part), I was ready to change things up. Making the decision and committing to it felt so good!

Free as a bird!

Five days later, while enjoying a family vacation in Vancouver, I received an email with a teaching assistant position offer. I had applied at the end of February and wait listed in May. I soon began the paperwork process. Andre and I were shocked burning man tickets sold out because that had been our plan since we left the playa a year before. We talked to everyone we knew to get tickets- I got a hold of one ticket but couldn’t get our hands on another. And then, Andre got a call from a good friend asking if he’d be willing to fly to Denver and drive his car back to California. Only one condition we made: We can take the car on a scenic road trip for 2 weeks.

It worked out beautifully. We packed our tent, sleeping bags, a mini plastic cooler, some food and clothes and were off. We impressed ourselves with all our gear!

I’ve been wanting to visit New Mexico for years and now was our chance. So we flew to Denver, stayed with his friend for a few nights and made our way down through Colorado- New Mexico- Arizona- pit stop in Vegas- California (Home)!

Here are a just some highlights from our trip:

Posing in Boulder, CO before the rainstorm

Home cooked meal in Toas, NM! Pasta with garden squash and scrumptious salad

Noodles in Boulder, CO. Yum YUm

New Mexican cuisine at Orlando's, Taos. YUM!

Running down the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado!

Prickly pears. Ouch- they are indeed prickly!

Grand Canyon magic

Good Morning Grand Canyon!


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