Mi nuevo moderno piso

Hola from my new pueblo (small town) of Roquetas del Mar,

Roquetas is a vacation destination for Spaniards during the summer but it’s pretty low key now and will be until Summer. The running joke is “There is nothing to do in Roquetas” but it’s ok because I’ve met some awesome people (both auxiliares and Spaniards) in the first week. I feel lucky and know this is where I’m suppose to be in my life. The first few days I questioned if I should live in Almeria, nearest city 30 minutes by car or bus, but I had already met Jessica, an awesome auxiliar from Seattle and Ana, a Spanish gal who teaches English to adults (in the same building as my high school). Then I met her Spanish friend Carlos, who is also a English teacher and we searched for an apartment together.

My 2nd day in Roquetas, I briefly looked online for a piso (apartment) but felt anxious. Thankfully Jessica made a few phone calls (in Spanish, of course)! I saw a piso and thought it was nice and spacious but the place had a lonely feeling. I figured I’d likely just go with the place and not be indecisive and wonder if there is something better. But I waited to meet Carlos, who was wanting to move from Almeria to Roquetas. We met up 3 afternoons in a row and looked at 6 pisos. I saw a reflection of myself of how I’ve been unsure and indecisive when I’ve looked for a place. The more he seemed unsure, I began questioning if there was something better or even if it’s a good idea to live with him. haha. I was reminded of how my environment and who I’m around affect how I feel.

On Thursday, he signed the lease and we handed over rent and deposit and got 2 sets of keys. And that was that. The best part is we pay 300 Euros a month. We saw 2 other pisos in the same building for 500 and 400 euro. We got a great deal! Feels so simple here, especially compared to the SF Bay Area! Roquetas is definitely a renters market. I still can’t believe I’m living on the beach and paying $200 or so a month for a room where I can hear the mini waves rolling in.

Here are photos of mi nuevo piso moderno!

Where all the deliciousness is

Common room

Big bedroom

Habitacion pequeno

Balcony and view

Come visit, please!


4 thoughts on “Mi nuevo moderno piso

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  3. What an awesome place!! You are living at the ocean, what a dream location. So great that you have met so many new friends at the same time. Love your photos (as usual)

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