This is my Life

And I’m loving it. I keep reminding myself this is my life, this is where I’ll be for the next 9 months.

The beach and Paseo (boardwalk)

Beach and paseo

I’ve been in Roquetas for over a week now and am amazed and happy for the friends I have already made. I knew a few hours after I met Jessica we would be great friends. I know we’re going to learn a lot from each other and she’s suppose to be in my life! Every day, I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow but I find plans and activities just happen.  The 2nd day of looking for pisos (jessica came too) with Carlos, I asked him if we could come with him to Almeria  since he had a futbol game to play and lived there until he moved last Thursday. Jessica and I figured we’d get tapas and explore the city by night but I texted another auxiliar in Almeria and turned out there was an auxiliar meet up! wow.

There are a lot of us!

Unexpected Auxiliar meet up!

I visited my school on Wednesday just to see know where it is and meet my bilingual coordinator Antonio.  It’s essentially a middle/high school serving students ages 12-18 and called  Instituto Secondaria in Spain. I returned on Friday to find out my schedule and meet the other auxiliar Anna. I was at the school for 5 hours that day- I arrived an hour early because I had a ride from Ana Bueno (Jessica’s flat mate)-  between talking to Antonio, meeting other teachers and decorating my “own” classroom. Each school uses there auxiliar for different subjects. At mine, Anna is with the science teacher and I will work with the history teacher! I’m very excited to see how history is taught here (different perspective from US? )and hopefully learn more about Spanish history. Typically, auxiliares are always in a classroom with a teacher BUT… I’m an exception. I have 5 classes of Conversation with 7-9 students a week by myself. I create the lesson/games and will be ALL BY MYSELF.  I’m excited. I will do the same lesson 10 times with different students before I see the same students again. I’m thankful I’ve had over 2 years of experience with garden teaching or I’d be freaking out now. I’m starting a list of activities and ideas and already know I’ll have more ideas than, I’ll likely have time for!

This past Satuday, Jesssica, Ana Bueno, Martha (teacher at Jessica’s school) and I took our first day trip together- San Jose/Cabo De Gata! A beautiful coastal town. The wind was strong so we played catch with a ping pong ball and enjoyed the water. We were attaacked by sand several times. We enjoyed a nice lunch and then headed to a few other beaches that we could only access from a dirt road!

Menu del Dia  (Starter, Entree, Desert)

Meditterean Lunch by the sea

Marta, Jessica, Me, Ana Bueno

Enjoying the beach life

 Leaving my mark, Jumping with Ana Bueno

Because everywhere I go, I have to jump!

The Road to Playa Monsul

Dirt road, Desert mountains

Playa Monsul (only accessible by dirt road). Scene from The Last Crusade was filmed here

Playa where a scence from Indiana Jones was filmed

A day in the sunshine. But the evening was just beginning. A Couchsurfer, Kurro,

Gourmet dinner

was hosting a dinner in his new flat in Aquadulce (neighboring beach town). We didn’t know he was a gourmet cook. I want to learn how to make Paella and he said he’d teach me if I teach him how to make brownies. DEAL!

I was tired after a day at the beach but the night was just beginning. After our delicious meal, conversation and drinks we headed to the bars at 1am and by 3am I was ready to go home. But nights don’t end till the sun comes up in Spain. By the third bar/dance floor, Jessica and I called it a night at 5am. I’m going to have to get used to only techno and the same damn beat. Techno is fine if the beat isn’t the same song after song. The taxi driver said, “Isn’t it too early to go home?” Oh jeez.

Auxiliares and CS'er Kurro (blk shirt) and Antonio

jessica, Me, Antonio

It’s 5pm, I’ve been on the computer for most of the day- the first half preparing a slide show About Me to present to my students and now uploading and writing blog posts. Time to get offline and go outside!

If you read this far, Thanks. Hope you enjoy

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5 thoughts on “This is my Life

  1. i love it!!! thumbs up to your life. pix are beautiful and I am SO excited for you. glad you’re being challenged too – you will be an amazing teacher. there is a gospel choir concert here tomorrow and can’t find anyone to go with who likes that type of thing. miss you already 😦 love you!

    • Ah thanks for taking the time to read my blog, Jenna. i really appreciate it! Iḿ feeling really excited and comfortable about teaching here. One class down, 9 classes to meet of just me and 7-9 students but Iḿ looking forward to it. I think you’ve been right all along that I know more than I realize when it comes to teaching. letś see how the next 2 weeks go! Ah, I miss you too!Hope you find someone to go with-Maybe Aura or Andre?

  2. Wow, your life in Spain has really taken off, all hours of the day AND night it seems. You do sound very happy and truly in your element of meeting people, exploring, dancing, trying new foods, and taking on challenges such as teaching a class by yourself in a foreign country. Whoooeeeeew! AND of course jumping.

    I’m so proud of you that I must stop talking about your adventurous spirit all the time and get an element of excitement of my own in gear.

    Enjoy every moment of it, little missy!


    • Thanks Mom. Iḿ really thankful for everything so far. Putting things out there and letting things fall into place. Iḿ definitely ready for this experience. Itś what I needed for myself- new challenges, new beginnings, new perspective. Always great for the body, mind and soul.
      I hope you find something exciting for yourself. And I hope youŕe able to come visit me! Love you!

  3. Lauren!

    Sounds like you’re having a blast and have made lots of new friends in what… a week?
    Keep sending updates 🙂

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