Mis cumpleanos, fiesta locales, y explociones!

Hola amigos/as,

I can’t believe I’ve been in Spain for a little over 3 weeks now. I’m feeling pretty settled in my piso, decorated my room, bought a plant yesterday (to add more life to my cozy place) and unexpectedly tried my hand at making tomato sauce. Every Thursday there is a st market right outside my piso with vendors selling cheap clothes, shoes, hand bags, to hand made art and thankfully, Produce. As I was leaving with a few items, I stopped and pondered if I should buy a few tomatoes. The woman told me to take them all for a  1 Euro and I couldn’t say no. Without an internet connection at my place nor many spices in my cabinet (yet), I just chopped up onions and garlic and loads of tomatoes and, Ta-da! My version of tomato sauce! Making my own may be the best way as the grocery stores don’t have many options and jars are small.

Happy Birthday to me:

Carlos (flatmate) y yo comiendo tapas ricas

The morning of my Birthday I woke up feeling good but after my walk home from work  I noticed I felt really weak. The night before I ate something that didn’t agree with me and went to bed with a fever and assumed when I woke up all was well. My body was still fighting and healing.  Despite my better judgement, I still went out with friends Wednesday night for tapas. A woman has got to celebrate her birthday, especially when I’m abroad! I was ringing in a birth year drinking Mosto, a non alcoholic wine and enjoying every tapa (appetizer/snack) that accompanies a drink. by Midnight, I had to turn in early (early when you start at 10pm) and ended up missing my orientation the following day because I was so ill. Some silly stomach bug got me for 3 days. I watched a lot of Spanish TV and laid low.Thankfully, I feel so much better now. Unfortunately, there were hardly any photos taken on my birthday. What you see is what I got. : (

Fiesta Local:

a moving bull ride

On Friday, there was a fiesta local (local holiday) in Roquetas and a fiesta (carnival) to go with  it. Jessica and roamed the carnival, enjoyed Kebabs (yes, I was testing the waters), ran into friends and then road the bumper cars. Man, bumper cars are injuries waiting to happen. jajaja. I wanted to go on more rides but I figured I’d better be kind to my body. Families, kids, elders-everyone was at the carnival. Many people were dressed up and I loved people watching.  It was an event for the whole family to take part in, different from our fairs at home. Then again, we don’t have fiestas in celebration of a saint in the States, at least not that I’m aware of. There was a mini parade and then fireworks were launched. I’m cool with fireworks, except when the BOOM is so loud I have to plug my ears and there still LOUD. Mind you, the fireworks were being launched overhead. I thought we were in a war zone. Later, more went off and if I didn’t know better I would consider running for my life. Brought back memories from New Years Eve in Moshi Tanzania, when fireworks were launched towards the crowd. I was the only one who seemed concerned.  There was a young girl about 3 or 4 years in a stroller who had her ears covered the whole time while the parents watched the show. I felt bad for her but her parents didn’t seemed concerned.

Rohan and I Getting ready for a jostling ride!



Watching this woman make cotton candy was a bit mesmerizing. You can also pick from 12 different flavors such as apple, orange, strawberry, raspberry to flavor your cotton candy!

Cotton candy- how big can she make it?


I can still hear after the explosions of fireworks!


This weekend, I’ll venture away to the city of Jaen about 2-3 hours away by car with Jessica and Ana (my Spanish friend, whose from Jaen) for a festival. I’m excited to get away and get a local perspective, and of course experience a festival!  I’ll have more to tell when I return!







2 thoughts on “Mis cumpleanos, fiesta locales, y explociones!

  1. Wow, so much activity for a small town. Should I send you some ear plugs?

    Glad you are having so much fun although sorry to hear you had a stomach bug.

    Hope we can Skype soon. I miss you!


  2. Happy birthday. I love local fiestas. Anyway, my boyfriend loves Mosto. I don’t even consider it non-alcoholic wine, just really delicious grape juice. Once, his parents made us homemade Mosto (purple, now white) and it was the most delicious juice I’ve ever had! Yum!

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