A visit to Jaen for the FERIA! Un fiesta grande!

This past weekend I went to the feria (fair) in Jaen with Ana (her hometown) and Jessica.  Each city has there own feria in honor of their saint and happen at different times of year. Jaen celebrates their saint later in the year so many people from nearby towns and cities come for the weekend to enjoy one last feria until the new year.

We decided to forgo any sightseeing and focus on conserving our energy for the feria. A smart idea.  We arrived at her house just in time for lunch and were welcomed warmly by her parents, two brothers and with a delicious meal.

Croquettes de jamon, Ensalada rusa (potato salad) Lunch at Ana's house!

I felt at ease and always love being around other peoples family (especially when they make me feel at ease) when I’m away from my own family. We met up with her friends and went to the fair. We drank some sweet wine that made my stomach feel sad and my head achy. Somehow Ana convinced me to go on a silly “Halloween Haunted House” ride. I scare easily and of course, didn’t like it. What can I say, I have a great imagination. All 10 of us went on it. We left around 7pm after 3 hours of people watching, dancing and drinking sweet wine.

La feria de Jaen!


Then we hit the grocery store to stock up Rum, limonade and coke and some snacks for botellon. Botellon is the act of drinking in the street and most cities and towns designate an area for this to happen.

We relaxed for a few hours (key to lasting all night) and ordered pizza. Delicious.

Lista para Botellon! El tiempo para fiesta!

At midnight, we hit the town and gathered in a plaza, where everyone goesbotellon. So many young folks, dressed up and drinking and socializing. People were friendly- it’s a place for everyone to gather and hang out with there friends and drink before they venture to other nightly adventures. Meanwhile, several hawkers try to sell comical sunglasses and fun sequin fedoras.

La gente a Botellon!

We found some space and put our bags of alcohol and snacks on the ground and begin serving ourselves.

Time for Botellon

I was surprised at how many people Ana knew. Everywhere we walked, she ran into someone she knew. Mind you, she grew up in Jaen and then attended University there as well. Makes sense, I find myself avoiding running into people from high school in my home town.

Having a good time! Can you find my cell phone?? LOL

I thought there’s no way the States would ever allow this- between the drinking age, fear people will be noisy and get out of hand and the certainty of people leaving a mess.

Leaving your mess for the cleaners to clean!

We drank and talked till 4am before we made our way back to the fair to hit the dance floor. There are many bars/dancefloors with different music. We ran into Carlos at the Latin dance beats and then checked out 80’s beats. Plenty of dancing.

We finished the night, or should I say the morning, eating kebabs and Jessica with churros  (fried dough) and hot chocolate. I was in bed by 8am and the sun still hadn’t risen so I can’t quite say I stayed up till the sun came up (but if I was in California, i could!). I was worried when I woke up I would feel terrible but I was pleasantly surprised.

I WAS NOT hung over and I wasn’t tired.  I  think the key to no hang over was quality of the rum and relaxing for a few hours before going out again..BUT my body ached and my lower back dispised me. Standing for way too many hours and then dancing, just isn’t a good idea but that’s how it goes in Spain! Time to get my back in shape I’ll be suffering the consequences each time.   Talk about motivation!

Unfortunately, when Ana woke up, she couldn’t walk on her left foot. And no, she was not doing acrobatics while under the influence. lol. We stayed at home while she went to the emergency room. Turns out, whatever it was, is common but she couldn’t drive for a few days, which meant we had to catch the bus back home but the last one had already left for the day. We went out for Spain’s version of Mexican food, which was quite tasty and then checked out the “Medieval market” (artisans selling there wares). I’ve been curious to try Mexican food in Spain and happy to have had the chance. I’m happy I can buy tortillas, chips and salsa and make my version of Mexican food when I want!

Margaritas y cerveza (the margaritas were too sweet!)

Nachos con queso y salsa mexicano! delicous

So many cool things, I couldn’tresist buying a necklace, earrings and a cool glass ring!I don’t work Mondays but Jessica does so thankfully her school was understanding and we rode home Monday morning.

Bus ride home!

Bus ride home!

Beautiful olive orchards and rolling hills!

Beautiful olive orchards and rolling hills!

A great weekend!


4 thoughts on “A visit to Jaen for the FERIA! Un fiesta grande!

    • Aura-I´m trying to figure out if the Medieval markets are the equivalent to our craft faires. Though artisans wares seem cheaper here than California but then again, EVERYTHING here is cheaper than CA! crazy.
      Awesome you want to brush up on your German. Come visit me and we can take a visit to Germany!

      Kaley- Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Means a lot!

  1. I ran into a guy at the renfaire who was roleplaying a German and it really made me want to brush up on my German. So now I’m getting nostalgic about the fun parts of Germany. It’s not as fun as Spain though! I’ve heard it’s typical to party until sunrise, so it sounds like you’re enjoying the real cultural experience.

  2. How was the medieval market? I went to a couple in Germany and they were fun but didn’t rival the renaissance faires here in the U.S. However, they have historically accurate buildings so they can throw their market downtown and it looks great!

    Glad you’re having fun!

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