A weekend way with Couchsurfers in Las Alpujarras!

I can’t believe I’ve been in Spain for over a month now. Where has the time gone?

The weather in Roquetas has been hot. Every day the weather is the same and it’s the middle of October. I’ve been thinking am I ever going to wear any of my slightly warmer clothes (bc I didn’t bring any big winter sweaters), or only when I travel?

Mind you I do live in the desert after all, I have mountains in the west and the sea in the east.  I’m quite sure the weather would be more extreme if the ocean wasn’t here. (And my life would be different- I love living on the ocean)!

Teachers tell me it’s a warmer year than normal and December and January are cold months but I haven’t really believed them until today. I woke up and the sky was overcast yet still warm outside. An hour later it was raining. Wow.  I enjoy hearing the rain, it’s soothing.

This past weekend, I went to Las Alpujarras a region in the Sierra Nevadas with 17 other Couch Surfers abut 2.5 hours from Roquetas by car. Kurro, a Couch surfer (CS’er)  posted a month ago about renting a few houses to have a relaxing weekend in the mountains. I’m so happy I went.  My weekend was really relaxing, spent with friends and new found friends, surrounded by beauty. I keep telling myself- “THIS IS MY LIFE” Its incredible. I’ve made this happen.

The view near our house

From the doorstep- our street!

I’m always ready for an adventure yet never asked where exactly where we were going and more importantly, How’s the weather? Thankfully I brought socks, a light jacket and a long sleeve shirt. Living in such a warm climate creates the illusion its the same every where in Spain. So not true. I was a bit colder than I would have liked but now I know- always check the weather!

Shared bedroom

Look at the steep cobblestone streets

It rained off and on Saturday but we enjoyed ourselves anyhow. We had a light breakfast all together at a nearby cafe and then we drove 15 minutes to the highest pueblo in the Sierra Nevada and roamed the steep streets. Beautiful.

Breakfast- only one is mine. If people order the same item, they often put it on the same plate.

Tostada con tomate y queso y cafe con leche!

While taking a walk with Jessica and Max, I found this backyard garden. I really wanted to hop the fence and eat some home grown tomatoes! We continued our walk and found a few horses. I petted them of course! ANd then it started to rain… A lot! Suede shoes aren’t the best in the rain. Ha!

Un jardin de tomates, pimientos y mas!

Everywhere I go, I have to photograph plants, especially beautiful flowers!

Rain drops on the morning glory!

Couchsurfers striking their best ninja pose!  (kurro (organizer), me, Antonio, Leah, Yeve, Raul

Ninja time


I love the plants hanging from the balcony!

So nice to just going with the flow.

I had my first experience watching 2 futbol matches with Spaniards. Fun. The first game was Madrid vs. Malaga and the second was tied Sevilla vs. Barcelona. They were happy it was a tie rather than Barcelona winning.  All of us were in a cafe watching the game, talking, ordering drinks and enjoying our tapas ( I tried liver, accidentally, for the first time). Sometimes you get to choose your tapa, other times, you just enjoy (or try to) what they bring you.

When we returned, the festivities continued. I was entertained watching a bunch of grown men act like kids- jokingly throwing things at each other, throwing a futbol across the room and just being outright silly. A lot of fun to watch. People just being themselves.

The following morning, we had a late breakfast and then packed our bags, and visited 2 more pueblos before saying our good byes. The night before it snowed on a nearby mountain! So beautiful.

SNOW on the mountain!

Mao, Raul, Julio, Kurro, Yogi(the dog), Leah, Jessica, Me, Antonio, Max (de Australia)

Half of the group on our last day!


3 thoughts on “A weekend way with Couchsurfers in Las Alpujarras!

  1. So many Colors! It’s so gorgeous, I love it! Even in the fall, it’s already drab in New York, but it looks magnificent there 🙂 And I love the size of your classroom! That’s amazing!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful trip. So glad you are traveling and with so many new friends. Your photos really capture the beauty of the place. So proud of you for creating such a wonderful life! Love, Mom

  3. Looks very beautiful, Lauren. We had a brief winter that lasted a few days and now we’re back to summer… mostly.

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