A getaway to Palma de Mallorca!

Mallorca. The name just has a magical ring to it. A name that I’ve only heard about as a distant land, an island somewhere in the Mediterranean. You know, off the coast of Spain. There is nothing that compares to traveling and living somewhere else to learn your geography. I’ll be the first to  admit my geography of Africa is better than my geography of the midwest and the east coast of the US of A.  I haven’t traveled as much in these areas and hence, don’t know my geography that well.

The moment I had the school year calendar in my hands with all the wonderful holidays and puentes( bridge: when a holiday falls midweek and they take an additional day off), I’ve been dreaming up faraway lands that are now a short flight or bus ride away!

Angelica (my auxiliary friend, whom I met jet lagged and delirious my first evening in the Las Musas hostel in Madrid) and I decided this was a perfect opportunity to getaway and enjoy each other’s company! Mallorca, here we come!

Highlights of Mallorca:

  • Running through the Madrid airport (about a  mile) to catch our flight. I felt like I was in a  movie and laughing the whole way because I couldn’t believe we were so silly to misjudge how much time we needed to get to the airport. We made it sweaty, tired (and later I was very sore) and to surprise, a long line. Guess we didn’t need to run.
  • Spending the weekend with mi nueva amiga, Angelica!

Angelica and I enjoying our few moments by the sea!

  • Eating paella and drinking sangria as we admired the ocean. More importantly, taking our time to eat and enjoy each other’s company

    Delicious Paella

  • Meeting up with an auxiliar, Lisa and roaming the streets of Palma at night  with Angelica, Phoebe (met at hostel) and admiring the gorgeous Gaudi cathedral.

Beautiful Cathedral

  • Visiting the Sunday market in Santa Maria and tasting sobrasada (meat/lard spread)  on toast

    Sobrasada on toast

    Get your meat on!

  • Riding the train to Santa Maria and admiring the mountains and the orchards from the window.

Random art near the Modern art museum

  • Tasting Ensamadillas, a tasty flaky pastry with powered sugar, a Mallorcan treat.


  • Asking an elder man (in Spanish) if we buy our tickets on the tern and him answering me in his broken English.  I love seeing elders out and about, sitting on benches, reading the paper and I notice because this isn’t typical in the States.
  • Meeting an awesome Argentinian couple and roaming Palma with them, taking a afternoon day trip to the small town of Soller (pronounced Sawyer) and celebrating Halloween with them.

Cathedral in Soller

Plaza near our couchsurfers place

Phoebe (met at hostel), Bruno (De Argentina), Angelica, Me, Gisela (de Argentina), Lisa (auxiliar)

Hanging out with new friends in Mallorca

  • Dressing up as a cat. Most costumes in Spain are scary costumes such as Vampires, witches, dead person, ghost, devil… Princesses and other characters haven’t quite made it to Spain.

Erasmus (study abroad University students) Halloween party

A cat has found a bird. Feathers galore!

  •  Surprised at how many Germans are in Mallorca- restaurants, hotels, flights to/fro and people

• The most memorable of ALL: taking the bus back to our hostel. are you ready for this:

I’m sitting in my seat next to the aisle. Angelica next to the window next to me and Phoebe across. As the bus makes a slight turn I feel my body shifting towards the aisle but in slow motion. I think, oh shit, I’m moving, my body is moving… and Next thing I know I’m in the air. Have you ever been in slow motion where you know what’s coming but can’t do much to stop it? Yeah, this was me. This is going to hurt.  Badly. I‘m mid air and then THUD! As I land perfectly in the aisle. Any further back and my head would have hit the edge. I’m startled and in pain but quickly pop up, thinking the passengers are going to think WTF. Most were a sleep but were quickly jolted and stunned to see me in the aisle. Now I have a gorgeous purple bruise on my bum to show for my bus adventure. I laughed about it non stop. I still can’t figure out why/what happened. Angelica explained it as if someone picked me up out of my seat and threw me down!


4 thoughts on “A getaway to Palma de Mallorca!

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  3. Could it have been the sangria? Just a little? The bus story I mean. Relieved you didn’t have permanent injuries.

    Mallorca looks like a fun and beautiful place. Love all your food pictures you take wherever you go. Each place seems to have their specialty.

    So glad you are traveling so much!


    • Couldn’t be the Sangria because that was the night before. I had a drink 5 hrs before I fell on the bus. I was just bloody tired. Being tired can get me into trouble. hahaha.

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