Visiting family in Englaterra!

I studied abroad in London about 10 years ago, which influenced my life in so many ways. I realized there was so much more to life than just the scripted “American dream” (go to university, get a great job, meet a great guy, get married, buy a house, have kids, have the picket fence, take 2 week vacations, work work work) and I knew I wanted more from life. More from the typical American life that were trained to believe is success.

The other amazing benefit of living in London was learning I had a cousin living here and meeting him on several occasions.   I met Fernando, my Chilean cousin and later met my Chilean family in London for the first time when they came to visit. What an incredible experience. I always knew I had Chilean family but it was abstract- Chile seemed so far away. Where was it anyway? Connecting with my family and having face to face interaction was wonderful.I’ve returned to London over the last 10 years a handful of times and always have loved my moments with Fernando!

This time it’s been 4 years since I’ve seen him and his (now) wife, Georgina and I always feel so at home with them as if I’ve known them all my life. This trip we’ve been joking at how “Fernando and I are definitely related”  as we have similar habits, character traits and ways of doing things. We’re easily distracted and very curious. It’s great having family rather close to me now that I live in Spain.

This weekend just so happened to be Guy Fawkes Night (Saturday, Nov 5)

Photos from my 2 day trip:

Fernando and I!

Guy Fawkes night is the celebration of the man who attempted to blow up Parliament in 1605. England celebrates with a procession and the “burning” of Guy Fawkes with a big bonfire in many parks (Most areas go without the bonfire for safety codes/buildings) and fireworks!

Guy Fawkes night-Bonfire

Must have fireworks to celebrate!

There was a la feria with a few rides, games and food. I’ve been to 3 ferias in the last 6 weeks! a Record!

Bumper cars at the fair!

We spent Saturday afternoon- Sunday afternoon in Aldwick with Georgina’s parents.

A random house on a morning walk.

This is how you know your in England

Autumn Leaves

Roasted pork, potatoes, gravy, roasted vegetables and (not pictured) apple crumble for desert cooked by Georgina’s mom.

British lunch


One thought on “Visiting family in Englaterra!

  1. Wow, so wonderful to visit with Fernando and Georgina again. I love the photo of Georgina’s parent’s home and your caption; too funny! What a beautiful place. I hope you will visit them again while you live so close and stay for a longer time.


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