Settling in and calling Spain home

I have internet in my piso (apartment)!!! It’s been a long wait (oh spain, you’re teaching me patience….) and after so much waiting, here it is!!! I’m going to need to be careful because internet can be so addictive. I’m loving SKYPE, though!

Two weeks ago, I decided I would stay in my town of Roquetas and not travel for 3 weekends in a row until my next puente (literally means bridge, but refers to a holiday break when you take an extra day off, for example a holiday lands on a Tuesday and you take Monday off). I return for one day of work and then I’ll take a 7 hr bus to Madrid to take a plane to Barcelona with Angelica! I’ll be there Thursday- Tuesday morning when I fly home!  woo-hoo!

Benches, I see on my walk home!

At first, I wondered what would I do? Some afternoons I feel I have too much time to read, watch Spanish TV, and work on projects but traveling 4 weekends in a row was  a lot. I’ve made auxiliar friends but if I want to reach out and make connections with Spaniards, I’ll need to be in Roquetas sometimes. Alhough I had settled into my piso, I hadn’t truly settled into living in Roquetas. Knowing I’m going home for 3 weeks in December also has influenced how I’ve been; certainly hasn’t helped me in fully settling in. I feel I’ve had half of my head in Spain and the other half in California (attempting a long distance relationship didn’t help either) Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy my flight was previously booked and I’m happy to see my family and friends!

Earlier this week, I  decided to cook a Mexican dinner and had 14 people over for dinner. I invited 4 teachers from school and 2 were able to show up. It felt so nice to have a dinner party- I love cooking and I love feeding people so how perfect to continue what I love now that I’m in Spain. (sadly, I misplaced my camera that evening so NO photos. Just means more dinner parties!)

Un puente- I walk over this bridge most days

Lately, I’ve been recognizing my students near where I live. Sometimes its strange to see my students outside of school but it’s kind of nice. This is my town.  This is where I live. Trips to the grocery store, going to the bank, this is all apart of my life.  Now is the time to think about what I want, what are my goals living in Spain and how will I accomplish them? It’s been a good reflection.

And getting more settled in and feeling more at home here, means inviting friends to visit. Since I wasn’t traveling, I was able to invite my good friend in Madrid!

Enjoying a sunny day Beach side

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