Aventuras con mi amiga en Almeria

Now that I’m staying in Roquetas some weekends I was able to invite my friend Angelica.  Angelica, who lives in Madrid, came this weekend to visit my lovely town of Roquetas de Mar and sightsee in Almeria with me. We didn’t have many plans but they evolved and we ended up having a fun filled weekend!

Adventuras de TINTIN

My coordinator, Antonio, invited me to join tercero eso (3rd years, 14-15 year olds) to el cine  (the movies) on Friday. I was happy Angelica was keen to go. El cine doesn’t open till the afternoon but they were open just for the field trip and were showing 3 movies- TinTin, Amanceer (sunrise, part I of the end  of Twilight) and Johnny English (students love it but I have yet to see a trailer). We saw Adventuras de TinTin, El secreto del unicoro was in Spanish, of course. The animation was incredible and I understood a lot! I think watching cartoons is the way to go! My comprehension is coming a long way. woo! If any of you want to see this film, I’ll gladly see it again, if you can wait for my return.

After the film we had tapas with my housemate and then relaxed with my friends in Roquetas.

Fashionistas en gafas 3D

Saturday we had a slow morning and I cooked a delicious desayuno Americana
 (American breakfast) while I skyped with my brother. I’m loving having internet a mi piso!
We went to Almeria (the closest city) to Roquetas to visit the Alcazaba (fortress) and to have delicious tapas at a place called La Cabana de Tio Tom’s (Uncle Tom’s Cabin). I’ve now been twice and so far it’s my favorite tapas spot because the portions are BIG and la carta (the menu) is 6-7 pages long. Choices, choices, choices! We sat inside because we didn’t feel like waiting for an outside table and  were surrounded by Spanish families and couples  so it’s just not a favorite of mine (a extranjera=foreigner) but by Espanoles tambien! (Most incredible we ordered for 4 tapas con 4 bebidas (2 each)= 9.50 Euro. I’m still trying to figure out how tapas bars make money in Andalucia).

Jamon Iberico, almendras membrillo (quince) y queso

With filled tummies and happy smiles, we ventured off to the Alcazaba and I was happy to be off the familiar roads and on new small streets. A few posts ago,  I mentioned how I haven’t felt the magic of Spain and a think part of it is where I live- I live in a newer town where I don’t see ancient buildings as frequently as I may in many other parts of Spain. So walking through these small streets put a smile on my face! I am in Spain!

 Please note: Photos are not in chronological order

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We stayed  till sundown and then enjoyed dessert (before dinner) and then went shopping! I haven’t been a big shopper in the last year or so but I’m enjoying adding new styles and outfits to my collection! Spaniards are stylish and there are many popular stores that are reasonably priced and cheaper sometimes! And then nearly missed our bus back to my house- I’m learning I’m not a fast runner. That’s ok, because honestly I don’t like running except it interferes when I need to catch a bus or plane.

The following day we made an appointment for banos arabes (Arab baths) at a place called Aire de Almeria. I felt spoiled and loved every moment of it with there 3 pools-warm, ice cold, and hot bath, a big warm pool with jets and a eucalyptus infused sauna. It was only us and another couple (capacity is 20), quite lucky to have the place practically to ourselves. They say Sundays are there slower days, good to know! Angelica and I decided we need to go once a month. We already know of a place in Barcelona. And if any of you come visit, I’ll take you to a Arab bath!

Now that I have more time online, I’m experimenting with the photo layout on my blog. Let me know what you think. I’m learning about creating a slideshow. However, I can only have one slideshow per post and if I post other photos throughout the blog, they will be repeated in the slideshow. A big learning curve for learning the latest tricks on wordpress.


One thought on “Aventuras con mi amiga en Almeria

  1. I love the photos as usual and the slide show is a nice extra touch. You will have such a spectacular collection of photos when you return (you are returning aren’t you?). I’m getting a great flavor of what Spain is like through your photos; mostly what is served in restaurants, and beautiful views of rooftops, streets, architecture, cats and your friends. I like the addition of the black and white photo too.

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