A busy day in Roquetas

Today is a busy day in Roquetas! I did a lot all before 2pm when siesta begins! By Bay Area living, I’d be doing all these things on top of a 40 hr work week, though without the relaxing part. Ha.

The alarm went off at 7am but I didn’t get of bed till 7:30 and groggily got dressed. Out the door 20 minutes later. That seems like a good amount of time to do more than put clothes on, make sure my bag for work is packed and brush my teeth but it’s early in the morning.

I make sure I’m at the corner by 8am (ha, no I don’t have another line of work) to wait for one of the 4 teachers that pass by to give me a ride

I work for an hour. I know. I got it rough. Thursday is my shortest day. I’m so lucky.

I walk 30 minutes to onemain  busy street, Juan Carlos Primero, and stop at the bank to get cash so I can pay the dentist. Ah, yes, I made an appointment for a root canal. I dragged my foot but know I had to. Show up at 10 am when they open and I’m the first appointment at 10am.

Dentist office waiting room  

Come home: I have mail (thanks Mom, you know how to make me feel special) and my bank card!Then I go back to Juan Carlos Primero because I need to pick up antibiotics for my tooth and then I stop in at the bank again.

On my walk home from the dentist:

Rainbow over the puente!

I eat something quickly and then go to the market and stock up on delicious veggies.

On my walk home, I treat myself to a snack (flaky Spinach and béchamel pastry) and read the Spanish newspaper and it’s only 2pm.

Spinach stuffed flaky pastry

I come home and make stuffing to bring to a Thanksgiving party tonight!

Let’s Recap in list form!

  • Work for 1 hour
  • bank pitstop
  • dentist appointment
  • Buy produce at the outdoor market
  • fill a prescription
  • pit stop at the bank again with questions
  • Eat a snack at a pasteleria and read the spanish newspaper (and write down words to look up later)
  • Come home and make stuffing (first time ever and smells delicious!)
  • And now relaxing and trying to find a Pie crust recipe that doesn’t require Lard or shortening.
  • relax, blog, watch TV till…
  • 21:30 a thanksgiving party

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