In photos: Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar. How I love your simplicity and laid back way.  Now that I’ll be away for 3 weeks, I thought this is a good time to show some highlights of where I live!  One thing I’ll miss- the sound of waves crashing while I fall asleep!

A few weeks ago I decided “to play tourist” and photography what I often see on my to work or while I’m roaming about my town!


We have our very own Plaza de Toros (but I have to wait till summer). I have yet to see a bullfight but it’s on my list. 

A statue of a bull in front of the plaza de toros

Graffiti: “Many talk but few demonstate” (Graffiti is everywhere but this is pretty and artistic graffiti)

A cool graffiti wall that I often pass (across from the plaza de toros)

There must be at least one church! 

La iglesia en el centro

La ronda del mundo

The entrance of my school- Where I work 4 days a week!

Mi instituto donde trabajar

The cafe I go with teachers almost everyday from 11:15-11:45

This explains why I see kite surfers every Saturday and Sunday from my balcony. Sometimes I take a walk so I can watch! From my balcony, it just looks like kites dancing in the wind!

Roquetas tiene un escuela de Kite Surf

Beautiful kites against the backdrop of the mountains!

Kites de kite surfers

A kite surfer!

Paseo en el noche

We have our very own castle. No, I don’t know the history… yet.

El Castillo!


We also have our very own Central Commercial (mall)…  (no photo, though)

7 thoughts on “In photos: Roquetas de Mar

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  6. Your town is more beautiful than I would have expected. Kite surfing, huh? Are you going to give it a try? When I saw them in Santa Cruz I thought there can’t be anything more thrilling to do. I wonder if you will get homesick for Roquestas when you are visiting the Bay Area.

    See you in a few days. Have a safe and fun flight.


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