Enjoying the familiar

Missing the familiar is an interesting sort of thing. After my long flight  and walked through the  SFO airport, I thought, “yes, here I am, this is the familiar I’ve been missing.” It felt good. I was reminded of deli sandwiches, bagels, sustainable sourced restaurants, gourmet candies, and bookshops (where I could buy my hearts content of books in English) and the list goes on.

I grabbed my bag and awaited for my parents to pull up. The moment I saw my mom, I felt like I never left. We got on the freeway and it was as if I never left. It’s familiar. And this is why the familiar is so tricky- you miss it when you don’t have it but as soon as you have it, you wonder: why?

Well, My friends and family I don’t wonder why  I miss them. I do miss them and will miss them when I’m gone. I’ve seen all my friends now and meeting up with each one of them, I felt like I saw them yesterday! We just picked up where we left off. It feels so nice. But everything else, the longing for what I miss is almost more satisfying than actually getting it. Once I have it, I’m like oh yeah… no big deal.

I’ve been enjoying the familiar a lot

  •  spending time with my friends
  •  spending time with my family
  •  roaming around in SF and appreciating how beautiful a city it is
  •  seeing the X-mas decorations and how they compare to Spain
  • eating foods I can’t readily get in Spain
  • driving my car when I need it (though I do prefer public transit)
  • book stores filled with English books (I adore book stores but don’t read as much as you may expect)
  • carpeted floors
  • space heaters/central heating

I’ve also been reminded of the stuff I have and how much I don’t miss it. In fact, I forgot about some of my stuff, which means it must not be that important. I’ve been spending some of my time going through things and trying to lessen the stuff I own, which may seem like a silly thing to do with only 3 weeks at home but its nice to reflect on what I have, what I’ve been keeping, what I no longer need, and what I want to take back to Spain with me.

what are things you miss when you’re living away from home? do you find you miss it more than actually having it?

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