Eating my heart out in: SF Bay Area

My 3 week holiday at home has been a whirlwind of activity- seeing friends, spending time with family, hanging out with my guy, roaming in SF, and eating. Yes. Lots of EATING.

I’ve eaten out a lot since I’ve been home:

1)because Espana lacks the variety of ethnic food and variation that California offers and more specifically, what the SF Bay Area does so well

20 because I Luv to eat.

There is so much variety in the Bay Area and I’ve had a feeling of “lack” while in Espana so of course had to make up for it. It’s one of those things, when you dont’ have it, you want it but when it’s all around you, you don’t think much about it. So I’ve certainly eaten my way through 3 weeks of being home and can likely count on one hand the amount of home cooked meals I’ve had. And I like home cooked meals… but I’ve just been out and about all too much.

Here is a sampling of meals I’ve eaten my way through

First home cooked meal! Salad and pineapple rice!

Bento box!

Christmas eve lunch- Delicious! Thank you parents!


Pizza and Salad at Lanesplitters!

Potato fennel soup, Portabello and brie sandwich and caesar salad!

Chips and salsa(s)! My comfort food/snack!

Vegan Mexican food at "Gracias Madre"! Yes, it was delicious

Thai noodles!

Yummy Chinese food!

Salmon y asparagas!

the last home cooked meal; I love beets, green beans and salad!.Deliciousa

What are foods you miss from home when you’re living abroad? When you return what is one of the first meals you want to have?

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