Estoy lista por mas Espana!

Lake Merritt Oakland skyline

Coming home for 3 weeks seemed like a long time but the time flew by. This was my first time abroad where I returned home for the holidays. When I arrived in San Francisco, I thought, “yes, I live in Spain and am coming home for the holidays.” I felt such a sense of happiness and excitement. And I felt the sense of comfort of the familiar.

I have to admit, how wonderful it was and am grateful I was able to return.

On all my other adventures I either celebrated the holidays abroad or returned home at the end of my trip. It’s been great to spend time with family and friends, to enjoy the familiar, to roam the familiar streets of San Francisco and Walnut Creek and to eat all the variety of food that home offers.

I satisfied my palate. I got my dose of the familiar and comforts of home. I don’t know if I can ever get enough time  with friends and with “my guy” but I’m thankful for all the quality time and memories I was able to share. I knew home was only for a short while and I’m ready to continue my adventure and lifestyle in Spain. Ah, the slower pace of life. I know what to expect and have a better understanding of the culture, lifestyle, customs, navigating the metro and the bus systems, and speaking Spanish, which certainly makes returning easier.

There is plenty more to learn.

I’m happy to return to Spain for more adventures, to continue to work in the classroom, speak Spanish daily  and to satisfy my goals for this New year.

Highlights in photos:

turkeys near my house!

Navidad en Union Square, SF

Amigas a navidad

Sonoma beauty

Wine tasting with my favorite guy

Bay Bridge!

New Year's day on the beach. Me encanta San Francisco!

A perfect way to spend the first of the year 2012: on the beach!

Off to Portugal


One thought on “Estoy lista por mas Espana!

  1. jealous of the “slower pace of life.” enjoy. we’ll miss you. i meanwhile will try to get a better balance for my life here. a regresar! love u

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