Goals while living in Spain!

Before I left my cozy sea side piso for my holiday adventures, I crafted a list of things I want to focus on while living in Spain. I find making a list and putting it on my wall reminds me of what I want to do rather than just let the ideas spin in my head. And now sharing with everyone, I feel even more motivated! I know the time will fly by, especially since my last day of work is May 31. Wow. It’s the middle of January already.

My attitude has changed already since arriving in Spain. I’m speaking Spanish more, I’m feeling more confident (regardless of how bad my sentence structure/grammar is), I’m asking more questions and striking up conversation. I’m going for it because I have nothing to lose. Only to gain.The best place to be in life. When your goals/needs excede anything else and you can only get further ahead.


My goals:

  • Speak Spanish everyday (and listen, read, or write in Spanish everyday)
  • Make more Spanish friends
  • Learn how to cook typical Spanish recipes by Spaniards (rather than self teaching from the internet)
  • Try a new recipe once a week (in addition to learning how to cook Spanish food)
  • Have a “dinner party” twice a month
  • Read a novel in Spanish
  • Teach private classes
  • Take a Pilates, yoga or dance class, at minimum once a week (This week I went to my first Pilates class, ever!)
  • Travel as much as possible within Spain
  • Embrace the ups and downs of living abroad, learning a language, cultural differences etc.
  • Enjoy the amount of free time I have and enjoy the simpler life style
  • Seize every opportunity that comes my way
  • Read-  just for fun ( I love books but often they sit on my shelf rather than get between my hands)

What are your goals for this year? Resolutions?

 If you’re living abroad, what are your goals ?

Leave a comment in the section below.


2 thoughts on “Goals while living in Spain!

  1. thanks.. makes me be more conscientious about my goals.. and post them up to to make them happen!

    Goals for 2012

    Spend time with quality people, not ones who add negativity to my life
    get in touch with my spiritual side – through nature, church, jewish rituals, buddhist books
    Enjoy my balance of life
    finish one semester, learning and being excited about classes
    Focus in – quality, not quantity .. quality time, quality people – be more present
    plan my days to be paced and not frenetic
    find freedom on the other side of F.E.A.R.
    Warrant less attention and stress to my decisions – I know the answer, just follow through
    do what nourishes me
    be okay saying no! learn the importance of letting go

    • Buenos objetivos! Intenta viajar todo lo que puedas por España, no te arrepentirás ;). Y si quieres practicar más español, pásate por casa! Por cierto, me gusta tu blog!

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