Senderissmo en Las Alpujarras

A Sunday ago (at the end of my roller coaster ride), I went on a sendero (hike) with a group of Couchsurfers in the region of Las Alpujarras in the area called Paterno de Rio. I was happy to have an adventure planned my first weekend home in Roquetas to share with friends and new folks.  A chance to meet more cool people? I’m in. So in. And who  knew? Why did I think I had meet all the couch sufers in this region?! Lucky me, I hadn’t. It was a beautiful yet overcast day and I was happy to be outside. It was cold, real cold. Though the sun shines brightly almost everyday, I’m still surprised at how cold it gets… Sun doesn’t always= warm.

Very happy to bring my pair of trainers to Spain (or tennis shoes, as we call them in the states and if I’m not playing tennis…), What good timing!

Jessica tells me the night before, ” it’s 12 kilometers (7+- miles). ”  I didn’t read past, “Who wants to go for a hike this Sunday? Sign up and add your name to the list”  Yup. Hikes and I aren’t the best of friends but my philosophy in life is, especially living abroad is “Always say yes,” I find it fulfilling, exciting, encouraging, fun and unexpected. I rarely regret my decision or wish I stayed home. 

Our day in photos:

Jessica and I: doing what we do best

Scenery! "oh, ah..."

Group photo!!! y yogi the dog too!

A little stream- Looks like Fall with the foilage but alas, it's winter!

Rest stop and take in the view!

Up close


A Feather of leaves

"Following the leader, the leader, the leader!"

Log stop!

There were hunters... and somehow I ended up posing

I don’t think the  hunters really liked that 13 folks were making extra noise while there 10+ starving* dogs sniffed for wild boars. Another group of hunters had killed 2 wild boars and there dogs had blood shot eyes, seemed anxious and underfed. Fellow friends explained, the hunters likely hadn’t fed the dogs for the last several days so the dogs would be on high alert to find and kill!

This is how we knew we were going the right way and when to turn...

Little cakes and deliciousness- Yum Yum!

Hot cocoa or as they call it here: ColaCao (there hot chocolate brand)

From Pumpkin to Pumpkin soup and salad!

Santiago, couchsurfer who drove us, had remembered I had said I baked a pumpkin and made soup and the seeds were still in the oven, while snacking on sunflower seeds… and then he jokingly said something along the lines of, “So, if we have dinner at your house, What did you say about the soup?

I did say I want to have dinner parties: my first of the year and impromptu!

And because I love cooking and feeding people… Of course they came over, despite being exhausted.

The beauty of having home made soup sitting in the fridge, waiting for company and tired bodies, to need nourishment for the body and the soul.


6 thoughts on “Senderissmo en Las Alpujarras

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  2. Wow, 7+ miles eh? Looks like it was worth it. I admire your adventurous spirit. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Love your photos as always. Your soup looks appetizing!


  3. Wow, looks like you’re adjusting well. I put the Peace Corps app on hold, but man sometimes it looks soooo tempting to just drop everything and travel the world.

    Well. Enjoy 😀

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