Un viaje a Cabo de Gata

The last 2 weeks have been an incredible change from my first week back in Spain!

I’m focusing on my goals and making them happen. What a difference this makes.

Earlier last week the idea of going to Cabo de Gata was floating around my mind. It would be awesome to go but then I thought, I need a car. How am I going to  get there? Do friends want to join me? It seemed complicated and then… it just fell into my lap. Well, almost. I had recently found out about an intercambio (language exchange) and asked a fellow couchsurfer who lives near me, if he could ride with him and he mentioned he was going to Cabo de Gata. Having nothing to lose and only to gain,  I asked , “Can I join?

A day later, I was on a day trip to Cabo de Gata with couchsurfers. I was happy.  And what a beautiful winter day along the coast.

Gabo de Gata is a natural park 45 minutes from Almeria has stretches of beautiful coastline,  beaches,  hiking trails,  cute little towns. Though ironically the town of Cabo de Gata is very small and not picturesque. At all.  The bus drives to the town 3 or 4 times  a day but there isn’t much to do. Had I taken the bus I would have been sorely disappointed and frustrated that you can’t do or see much from the town. A car is necessary.

Some of the drive reminded of the beautiful California coastline on the curvy Hwy 1.   There is so much beauty in this world. Cabo de Gata is a stunning and beautiful place and I hope to visit a few more times in the coming months.

Our day in photos:

Walking to see the view of the salt flats

Just for fun


Nuevo amigos: Melanie (german), Daniel y Noelia (espanoles) y yo!

La vista es bonita

Un buen dia!

Que bonita

Un tapa con un Clara (cerveza con limon)- Calamari y papas fritas

"Dancing" off on the beach!

Nature is beautiful!

Can you spot the Egrets?

La arena!


Esta cactus se llama Las Pitas

Have you been to Cabo de Gata?  What are your favorite Parques Naturales  in Spain?

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