Enjoying Roquetas

I’ve been enjoying my slow pace of life in Roquetas and feeling better about not always having weekend plans.  This freaked me out initially – Wondering, What am I going to do? (which is silly because I always have things I “could do.” I’m never bored.)  It’s been nice being more relaxed and just see how the week/end flows.Life happens. And plans happen.  As do Paella! I’ve been spending more time with friends…

I had a small impromptu dinner at my place- Paella- with couchsurfer, Daniel on Friday. It was last minute so it was only 3 of us.

Daniel is serious about this: His chef hat and apron say it all!

Big pan, not a big enough burner= Paella takes 1hr 20 min, instead of 30 min!

 Jessica and I woke up on Saturday feeling lazy but I was eager to get into the kitchen and make some breakfast ( I have been on a cooking kick this week ( Big Mexican Fajita dinner, Paella, carrot soup, black bean soup, fried rice, Spicy eggplant)

Delicious food with a view- Life is good!

Desayuno Americano: Egg Scramble with country potatoes (on my balcony)

We decided to enjoy the sunshine and take a walk along the paseo to see more of Roquetas. Every place has it’s hidden treasures.

Palm Trees in Roquetas (always in groups of 4-8)

A mix of beauty and the plastic sea of Green houses


a small playground near the beach

Making the mundane and questionable water, beautiful.

Yo y Jessica

And then there was a Gazebo...

La Playa es maravillosa

Taking time to appreciate the beauty…

Love these cactus flowers- remind me of South Africa

Houses on the beach!

More houses along the beach

This is the life

Finding beauty where I live and capturing it!

Bridge crossing

El Paseo- The walkaway or "boardwalk" along the beach

And after a long walk, We were both hungry. Of course, I cooked up a quick meal!

Home made Fried rice and spicy eggplant= Delicious!


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