Un finde en Madrid- Dia 1

I boarded a bus last Thursday at 3pm for a mini getaway to visit mi mejor amiga en Madrid, Angelica and to (finally) see Madrid. My first 2 days in Spain were spent in Madrid, delirious and taking care of essentials- getting money, buying a phone, figuring out the metro, going to the train and bus station to buy a ticket to Almeria, getting lost, and relaxing in the famous park. My impressions of the city, well, let’s just say, I was ready to write it off. Angelica adores Madrid, she can’t get enough of Madrid and until this weekend, I didn’t get it.

Lentijas (lentils) Bereneja rebolzado (fried eggplant in the back)

Bambus (Bus Almeria Madrid) 7hrs- comfy, has wifi, shows films... 25 Euros each way

Ah. the difference of exploring a city with a friend who knows good spots, having no expectations and just giving it a chance!

I arrived thursday night at 10 pm and we relaxed so we would have energy to being our Friday at Banos Arabes! Very relaxing. I felt spoiled! Banos Arabes are definitely worth the 1.5 hr. Yet I have to admit, I prefer the baths in Almeria even more.  The company in Almeria is more modern, more spacious, have a few more baths and the sauna smells like Eucalyptus.

We passed by the Plaza Mayor and took photos of the randomness in the plaza:

Plaza Mayor


"headless" sailor

How many impersonating Minnie mouses are there? You can always find one in Madrid!


Newspaper man




We were hungry  so we made our way to the Museo de Jamon (a butcher shop and standing cafe) with 1 Euro items on the menu! I ordered a cafe con leche and a bocadillo de Chorizo (spicy salami sandwich)

Bocadillo de Chorizo (spicy salami sandwich)

We were full but then found ourselves in El Mercado de San Miguel. I wanted to eat everything but I just admired everything instead (longing to come back on an empty stomach!)

Mi sitio favorito! El Mercado de San Miguel!

Delicious "pinchos" (skewers, usually meat)


Macaroons- I want to eat them!


Inside the market- tables to sit and enjoy all the deliciousness!


We enjoyed a drink. I discovered: Rebujito (white wine and sprite= white wine soda)


Valentine's day treats in the window!

My visit to Madrid would not be complete with out a visit to Chocolateria San Gines, famous for Churros (long, slender doughnuts) and thick chocolate (and powered sugar too, if you wish)

Un sitio famoso por churros y chocolate!


Inside- a man eating them at the bar. Seats and tables further in.


Estos son churros y chocolate caliente!


Then I relaxed for a bit while Angelica taught a private class. Then I met up with a gal named Lauren, who writes a wonderful blog about all things de Espana.  It’s a great resource if you’re living in Spain, planning a visit or simply love food!

By chance, I found out there was a Flamenco show at El Cortijo Restaurante, thanks to a Event posting on Couchsurfing. It was incredible. It was free to enter. You had to reserve a table and spend 10 Euros minimum on food and drink. That’s it?  No problem.  (turns out one of the CS’ers was a dancer) Typically, watching Flamenco in Madrid is expensive and there are various opinions on “how true” the Flamenco is since it’s origins are in Sevilla.

Platos combinados ( Combination plate) Ternera (steak), huevos, potatoes y ensalada=7 Euros!

I was impressed and while watching, told myself, You’re going to find a place in Roquetas or Almeria to take lessons! Flamenco is a musical art form as well as a dance form. (If I figure out how to load videos to my blog, I’ll post them here)!


What do you love about Madrid? What are your favorite foods to eat/Places to eat? Where are your favorite places to visit in Madrid?

Please leave a comment. Thanks.



One thought on “Un finde en Madrid- Dia 1

  1. Yum churros! I had my first taste of them in Mexico City on my first visit to that country last October. My favourite was drenched in chocolate and Baileys.

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