Teaching. Me gusta. Quien sabia?

I like teaching.

A lot.

I love engaging with students. I love there questions. There curiosity. There creativeness. I love figuring out how to explain concepts and ideas in multiple ways so everyone understands.  I love the challenges and the rewards teaching brings. I’m even entertained when students are sneaky and see what they can get away with. Frustrating at times, certainly. But it’s all part of the learning process for me and more importantly for them.

I love how everyday is different. I love that I can teach the same lesson to eight different classes and get a different response from each class.  There are so many variables when you teach (if they ate breakfast, students mood, what’s happening at home, at school, if a boy/girl just broke up or professed their love to each other, etc.). I love the unexpected and find, I thrive on it.  I love improvising. It makes each day interesting, and entertaining.  And yet, it’s been an interesting realization because those who know me, know I like to have ideas and possibilities; a plan. But it’s more than ok for the plan to be broken, I just need one to feel comfortable and confident.

I’ve never felt comfortable calling myself a teacher, until now. I don’t have a teaching credential and have no intentions of getting one but I have a lot of teaching experience. I learned a lot in my previous job(s) and know experience is better than any classroom theory will give me. Two years of  working as a, “Jill of all trades” Garden Teacher and a “Mad Science” Instructor, has taught me a lot.  It’s taken me living and teaching in Spain to realize just how much I learned and just how comfortable and natural it is to be standing in front of the classroom! I never thought leading a class is something I would do, let alone love and enjoy!

I continue to learn everyday in the classroom; both in my Conversation classes and in my Social science classes. I think about: what works, what doesn’t, how I like to learn, how other’s learn, what I would/n’t do, how culture plays a role in education, how I would make the material more engaging and interesting, importance of classroom management and so on.

I should mention, I’m one of the few auxiliars who has 5 small Conversation classes a week without another teacher. It’s just me and the students. We have fun, we play games and I find as many ways as possible to get them to speak in English, after all it’s English Conversation class. But man, am I thankful I knew to set the tone from Day 1.

Have you taught a language in another country? What did you learn from the experience?  

If you’re teaching in Spain, how is your experience?

Please leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Teaching. Me gusta. Quien sabia?

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