A long weekend in Dublin

Everyone raves about Dublin, Ireland but for what ever reason Dublin was never high on my list of cities to visit, until I had a friend to visit. I’m the type of traveler that goes with my inner calling, which is often unexplainable and just a gut feeling (9 month wandering in Africa and now living in Spain). I often wonder, Why am I interested in Antarctica and Uganda but I’ve never been curious about Germany? Mind you, I want to visit A LOT of places but there are definitely certain destinations that beckon me more than others. I often wish I had an explanation.

I’m not the traveler who has a checklist of things to see or do. I like to go with the flow, spend time with locals, eat the local food and/or sample their culinary fusions  and roam around a city. Get a feel for the place, you know?

I often read up on a place or consult a handy  guidebook before I visit but this time around, I did neither. Though to be honest, my trip to Dublin was more to see my friend Sarah than anything else.

Sarah and I, a bit wind-blown

Sarah and I met spontaneously while both staying at a hostel in Port St. John’s on the Wild Coast in South Africa. We got along really well, relaxing and conversing in the quiet beach side town.  Miraculously, we kept in touch over the last 3.5 years. Despite  so many forms of social media, I feel the odds were against us staying in touch  but we did!

She greeted me at the airport and patiently waited as my Ryanair flight was delayed by 40+minutes, we hoped on a short bus ride into the city center, dropped off our bags and went for lunch. We went to a delicious Vegetarian restaurant, Cornucopia that she often frequents and no surprise why! The food was delicious!  I was happy to be in a city that offers a variety of culinary flavors. Oh the choices! Dublin restaurants are pricey especially for dinner but we were able to find decent lunch prices. However, cheap eats aren’t as common and less so in the evening. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy that she enjoys eating and trying new places as much as I do! woo-hoo!

Hummus, pita bread, olives and yogurt beet and rocket (arugula salad)= Delicious!

I had no idea what to expect or how we’d get on since it had been a while and we only had spent 2 days with each other before. We got on fantastically. We just clicked. We reminisced about Africa and by the end of my time I was eager to hop on a plane to South Africa. We were definitely rekindling the flame of our love for the continent.

We had a great time roaming around the city and I was surprised how small Dublin is.  We enjoyed live music at a Pub, ate as often as we passed by delicious food (well, almost), went hiking, laughed, talked, reminisced and even danced Swing!

I may disappoint but I played local rather than tourist this time around- I didn’t visit the Guinness Brewery, go into the Dublin Castle, Cathedrals or museums. I didn’t take many photos, either.

When you travel, Do you prefer being more of a tourist or a local? Both? what do you like about it?

Please leave a comment below. Thanks.

Stay tuned for my “Eating my way through Dublin”


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