Eating my heart out: in Dublin

I love to eat. I like to try new foods and I love trying new places. One of my favorite parts about traveling is the opportunity to sample the local cuisine and culinary fusions. Depending on where you are in the world, sampling the gastronomy can be exciting, adventurous and at times monotonous (Local Tanzanian food, delicious but not too exciting nor many variations). When I travel, I tend to spend my money on food rather than museum entrances. Eating is just so satisfying, you know?

I was happy for the wide array of restaurants serving up all types of food. Living in a small sea side town, there are not many variations aside from Spanish food, kebabs, Chinese and Italian restaurants.

Here is a sampling of my weekend in Dublin:

Hummus, pita bread, olives and yogurt beet and rocket (arugula salad)= Delicious!


Buffalo chicken wrap/burrito at Eddie Rockets


Brunch: Poached eggs, French toast and bacon!


Brunch: Over easy eggs, potato chive pancakes, sausage and roasted tomatoes!

Time for Dessert: Pecan pie and Coconut cheesecake


Snack: Plum Almond muffin and tea!


Home made Dinner: Stuffed Butternut squash, yogurt beet salad and spinach salad!

Lunch: picnic after our steep hike


Dessert: Chocolate Fudge cake and apple berry crumble and cafe


Dinner: Indian food. Pea panner and eggplant with potatoes and parata (Tanzanian chipati)


Hope you enjoyed my food tour of What I ate in Ireland



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